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A Comparison of Fashion Magazine

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A comparison of fashion magazine in the UK and China Table of Contents 1. 0. Introduction3 2. 0. The UK’s fashion magazine3 3. 0. The China’s fashion magazine4 4. 0 Analysis4 5. 0 Conclusion6 6. 0 References6 1. 0. Introduction With the rapid development of information technology, there are more and more types of communication media. Nowadays, Internet has become a popular communication media because of its shortcut and convenience. However, traditional media such as magazine and newspaper is the most important tool. The purpose of this report is to compare two fashion magazines from China and UK.

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A Comparison of Fashion Magazine
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In all, this report mainly includes four parts. In the first part, it will introduce the UK magazine called i-D. Secondly, it will introduce the Chinese magazine called Vision Youth. Next, it will analyze their similarities and differences. Finally, it will make a conclusion based on the front analysis. 2. 0. The UK’s fashion magazine It is known UK has a stronger economic strength. In addition, there is London fashion week every year and it is one of the most famous four fashion weeks.

In this sense, UK has much more fashion magazines.

In this report, it will introduce a magazine called i-D. It was created by Terry Jones since 1980. Until today, it has experienced more than thirty years. Now, this magazine has included so many topics from photograph, design, fashion and so on. It has played an important role in communicating new fashion art and fostered a lot of famous young artists. The cover of i-D is unique. Nearly in all the covers of the magazine, there is the similar face expression. That is a face with blinking. In all, the design logos is unique and to pursue distinction. -D has showed this magazine lay emphasis on design and i delivered my way style. (i-D, 2012) 3. 0. The China’s fashion magazine In effect, with the improvement of life, many Chinese citizens can afford mental consumption. Therefore, there are more and more people who can have time and money to pay attention to fashion. In this sense, Vision Youth can satisfy some people’s demands and provide some international and newest information about fashion. Vision Youth was created in 2002 and has become a leading art and fashion magazine.

Since the day of its emergence, it tries to show international visual art, fashion and culture to Chinese readers. As a matter of fact, Vision Youth is not a magazine according to traditional edit logic. Moreover, it is in accordance with vision logic. It tries to show their readers what fashion is and what international substance life is. (Vision, 2012) 4. 0 Analysis It is known that both of the magazines have experienced a long history and shaped their own style. Although they come from different countries, it can still find some common grounds between them.

Firstly, both of them try to deliver some newest information about fashion. For example, Vision Youth tries to introduce some famous brands about their design. i-D tries to deliver some unique design and tries to lead fashion. Secondly, both of them use some beautiful pictures and color to show some fashion elements. Fashion magazine is different from traditional magazine. Both of the two magazines try to explore fashion culture and new concept. Thirdly, both of the two magazines try to foster new designers. For example, some young designers once showed their productions by use of i-D.

After many years, they become some famous designers. In addition, Vision Youth tries to culture some new models as well. In this sense, both of the two magazines have become a useful tool to find and cultivate new potential models and designers. Although there are some common grounds between Vision Youth and i-D, there exist some differences among them. Firstly, their object readers are different. Vision Youth lay more emphasis on those who have more income and better education background. For these readers, they have more time and bility to afford fashion. More importantly, they can pursue mental demands and can enjoy fashion. However, i-D mainly focuses on those readers who have their own character and style. More importantly, those readers own the ability of innovation and challenging courage. Secondly, their advertisements are different. Generally speaking, Vision Youth’s advertisements include several types. For example, they not only advertise for some costumes. But also they can advertise for some advanced business cars, watches and furniture.

However, i-D mainly focuses on costumes advertisements and has few other types of advertisements. More importantly, their costume advertisements mainly pay attention to young and middling brands. Thirdly, in the aspect of literature content, both of them are also different. Vision Youth mainly adopt the mode of essay. However, i-D always adopts investigating report. In addition, their editing design is also different. It should be noted that although i-D only focuses on small audience, it has shaped a mature and unique style. Differently, Vision Youth pay more attention to international information.

At the same time, it has neglected some fashion elements from Chinese culture. Finally, as a famous fashion magazine, i-D has a large influence on the development of Vision Youth. It should be said that Vision Youth has learned and drawn some lessons from i-D. For example, the cover of Vision Youth adopts beautiful model with strange make-up. However, compared with global famous magazine, Vision Youth’s influence is smaller than i-D. It should be noted that Vision Youth still has not shaped a sharp-cut style different from other magazines.

For example, it has learned from others and introduced some new information from developed countries. However, there are some fashion elements deeply rooted in Chinese traditional culture. Vision Youth has pay less attention to this aspect. However, since the beginning, i-D has shaped its sharp-cut style and walked his own way for a long history. 5. 0 Conclusion Nowadays, with the rapid development of media, there are more and more different types of communication media. This report has introduced two different fashion magazines from UK and China. They are i-D and Vision Youth.

Through compared these two magazines, it has found some common grounds and differences. In the aspect of commonness, both of them use a lot of pictures, models to show the fashion elements. In the aspect of differences, they have different literature style, object readers and advertisement style. It should be noted that i-D has a larger influence than Vision Youth on the fashion field. 6. 0 References Vision. (2012). About Vision, Retrieved November 1, 2012, from http://www. youthvision. cn/about. asp i-D. (2012). About i-D online, Retrieved November 1, 2012 from http://i-donline. com/

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