Growth Rate and Marketability of a Travel Magazine

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Often, this type of research is to aim its marketability. Collecting data is done mainly when researchers wants to know more about the research and it also give the researchers to know how a travel magazine differs to other magazine. Moreover, it is concerned on how a travel a big help to consumers. This is use to help understand the data that already gather about the study. The idea of this research is to know the marketability of a travel magazine, its growth rate and how helpful it is to nonusers. This research is a big help to the publishers and editors to improve more the articles of the magazine and help them to understand what the consumers want to know and what they looking for.

Subject of the Study The researchers will use the questionnaire survey methods. Its aim is to gather information to know more about the marketability of the magazines. This is the most effective way in gathering data. These questionnaires will be distributed to the respondents via emails and with regards to their age, sex and status. The questionnaires that will be made should contain questions that relate on the gamine’s marketability. They must also contain related ideas like how when it is distributed, where they can get or buy the magazine and who are commonly the one who buy the magazines. This survey will be a big help to the researchers to understand about their topic.

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On the other hand, in terms of selecting respondents, they should know about the magazine, they already read about the travel magazine and they are regularly buying the magazine every time it is distributed to the magazines store. For this study, the researchers will seek the help of some professionals; one of hem is a writer who will help them to make the report more accessible to understand the study. He will help the researchers to guide and direct on the further things that they must do. Lastly, they will ask for the help of an editor to double check their report, to check their sentence errors and to improve more their report. Research Methodology First, the researchers have thought some problems that can be study and make a report.

They had come up with their minds about the travel magazine. After varied some titles and identifying what should be study to know the marketability of a travel magazine. On the first chapter, the researchers divide the workloads with the group mates. They will conduct information and ideas and in the end; they will combine all the details that they gather. They will analyze and improve more their report. On the second chapter, some researchers went to libraries and surf in the internet to improve and support more of their research. They look for some various information to help them to analyze and understand the research. After that, they started working on the next chapter.

Working on the third chapter, the researchers came up to their minds what is the best research method to use. What will they ask and how to make the research effective and successful. For their fourth chapter, they will make a questionnaire to distribute and send via email to the consumers, so in that way they will know more about how is the marketability of a travel magazine. After having all the results at hand, they will combine all their information and lastly, they will work on the last chapter. They will put altogether the data and the results of the survey they made. Lastly, they will formulate the summary findings, conclusions and soon they will be able to make some recommendations about the problem that they have studied.

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