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Advertisements are everywhere – in subways, bus stops, magazines, and television. But what is their purpose? How do they capture our attention? Advertisements frequently employ psychological manipulation to sell their products. This industry makes us feel envious of others and convinces us to be dissatisfied with our current possessions (Valko). In particular, Steve Madden ads often showcase women with exaggeratedly large heads and hourglass figures, designed to intrigue the audience and make them question the ad’s message.

In the March/April 2001 issue of Twist Magazine, an unusual advertisement catches attention. It showcases a young woman with a disproportionately large head desperately running at an empty airport, while an airplane swiftly passes above her. The ad incorporates three distinct elements that collectively convey the notion that Steve Madden footwear, clothing, and accessories can enhance one’s self-perception. The primary objective of Steve Madden advertisements is to imply to their audience that wearing his products will instill a sense of confidence and well-being.

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The model’s self-esteem and self-pride are conveyed through her big head as she challenges consumers to match her level of attractiveness. She portrays apprehension as she leaves her old self behind and embraces a confident new life with Steve Madden products. Her stylish outfit consists of a sleek black leather jacket, a revealing white shirt, tight low rider blue jeans, black pointy high boots, and a trendy black bag. This embellished woman’s physique is designed to attract women and girls aged 16 to 25 who are seeking funky, hip, and sexy clothing options.

Steve Madden wants his clothes to stand out and prove their uniqueness. He demonstrates this by choosing an abandoned airport as the backdrop for the advertisement. With no other individuals present, the model gracefully sprints across the aged and gum-stained pavement. This emphasizes the notion that by donning Steve Madden’s attire, purchasers separate themselves from the rest of society. She possesses excessive pride and arrogance, detesting any form of comparison to others.

The placement of the Steve Madden logo in the advertisement plays a crucial role in conveying the main idea. While it could have been placed anywhere on the page, it stands out prominently against the sky. This deliberate choice stems from Steve Madden’s consistent practice of featuring their logos against the sky, symbolizing that there are no bounds when it comes to their products. By incorporating an airplane flying across the model’s head, Steve Madden aims to communicate to consumers that the only obstacle to achieving their desired look is the self-imposed limitations they create.

Steve Madden aims to assist customers in achieving their desired appearance. As Bertrand Russell stated, effective advertisements either create envy for the featured lifestyle or spark a desire to be envied by others. Steve Madden stands out among many advertisers by successfully persuading buyers with eccentric advertisements.

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