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about the R.E.B.T Theory

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There are particular concepts of Ana’s case study which eludes that R. E. B. T would be the right choice in relation to cognitive behavioral therapy. The first is that Ana cannot sleep. This may be due to all kinds of things including diet, medications, stress, howver believe it is due to anxiety. Which leads me into the next concept of why this therapy would be beneficial to Ana; she states she worries all the time.

Anxiety is a disorder in which someone has irrational fears which sometime causes or creates panic attacks and if someone worries as much as she says she does it is possible that there could very well be some irrational fears acting as a catalyst to the whole situation which also might be causing Ana to be eve sleep deprived.

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Another concept is Ana states she is losing weight on a continuous basis. For someone to lose 10 pounds within the last couple months and not be on a diet or have a legitimate reason as to why she is losing weight raises a red flag.

There could be a number of reasons as to why this is occurring like medication, stress, street drugs and right back to anxiety being the culprit because if someone is anxious and worried they are consumed with whatever they are worrying about and not eating so this loud very well show that her anxiety has gotten worse in the last couple months. There is also the concept of depression being prevalent as well because of all the known stress she does have like raising her son on her own without friends or family and just recently losing her job.

All of these concepts the insomnia, worrying all the time, weight loss, anxiety and depression can all be helped by using R,E,B,T, The way that this can be done is by teaching a person that turning flexible preferences and wishes into grandiose absolutist’s demands and commands will cause disturbances. Berger, 2005) By letting Ana know that her anxiety, depression, and somatic physical health factors are created by irrational patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving are the culprits that cause human disturbance. (Berger, 2005) R. E. B.

T teaches the client to identify, evaluate, dispute, and act against their own irrational self-defeating beliefs which in essence helps the client to not only feel better but to get better. Basically the purpose of R. E. B. T is to turn the irrational beliefs into rational beliefs. Goals and Roles Rational emotive behavioral therapy is used for short term therapy with Eng term effects. During a clients designated allotted number of counseling sessions, which like Ana might only be eight, the counselor teaches a client how to turn the negative thought process and irrational beliefs into positive thoughts and rational beliefs.

In order to show a person how their beliefs affect their emotional and behavioral responses Ellis created the BBC model. The BBC model broken down simply states that A is something happens, B is the belief about a situation, and C is the emotional reaction for the belief. The BBC model also shows that A does not cause C. It is B that causes C. (Ross, 2006) The role of the counselor is to give unconditional rather than conditional regard because the R. E. R. T philosophy is that no one should be damned for anything no matter how terrible or appalling their acts might be.

The role of the client is to be as honest and exact as they can about how certain situations, their behavior, thoughts or feelings create disturbances with them. Information There are some general populations that R. E. B. T is suitable for. The participant should be between 9 to 70 years old, they should have clinical or on-clinical issues, and they can be either male or female so this covers a wide variety of populations. Due to Ana being from Guatemala her culture does not frown upon counseling so this will be a great opportunity to get better and be able to help herself in the future. O think it would be beneficial to know if Ana has ever had therapy in the past to see if she understands how things go or to find out if she did have it why she decided to seek a different counselor and father were problems. Also think it needs to be addressed if Ana uses street drugs because a lot of the symptoms she is experiencing could be coming from actively using street drugs and if she is then perhaps a different avenue Of therapy needs to happen like inpatient treatment.

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