The Structural Design Analysis of A Family Supper

The Structural Design AnalysisIn A Family Supper, there is not too many words. It can be identified a fiction story with a touch of supernatural, Some ghost things are mentioned in here. No slangs or other languages are utilized by the narrator who just uses simple words to describe the story, that makes readers to understand it easily .

The fantastic detail description and the vivid character are featured of the story. I think the outline of the story is a kind of messy, when the writer describes the family supper, at the same time, there is a flashback about his dead mother. The memory of the mother reveals his feeling of missing to his mother. the dialogue of character occupies a big part.

It’s not a lineal story. The plot kinda be a little complicated. In the surface, the narrator just talks about the family supper. If you look at carefully the story, you’ll find out that the simple family supper reflects many serious problems between the family members.

The main ideas are not directly showed to us, and the deeper meaning are hided under the plots.There are several foreshadowings are used in the story, one is setted in the first paragraph. The narrator are in no hurry to unfold the main conflict, he firstly introduces a poisonous fish which is named fugu. It’s poison is fatal to human, and his mother die from eating that fish.

In the middle of the story, he knows that after the firm failed, his father’s partner killed himself as a matter of principle. To most people, the partner’s behavior is difficult to understand. But his father agrees what’s his partner done. From the three foreshadow in the story, the writer leads the reader to believe that the father in a family supper is capable of poisoning his family.

Until the end of the story, we still don’t know what ‘s happen to them. Does his father poisons his family like his partner does or not? The narrator leaves a open end to readers.The tone is serious and somber. The background of the fading daylight and the dim house make an atmosphere of mystery .

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