A Narrative of My Interest in Criminal Justice and Culinary Arts

I am mother of a handsome little boy name Anthony Matos. I am a senior at Forest Hills High school. This scholarship is really important for me. If I receive this scholarship it will make me feel like I have accomplished an important achievement. This scholarship will also help me cover my cost of college since my family cannot afford paying for college. I apply in Johnson & Wales University, I got accepted but since this university is so high in cost I may not be able to go. This is one on my main reasons I would love to get this scholarship.

My family is my motivation to succeed in life. My family consist on my grandma, my great-grandma,my son and myself. They have been always there for me in ups and downs. They will be really proud of me if I complete high school and college. I will be the first generation to go to college in my family. My mother completed the eighth grade and quit school. My father completed high school but never went to college or university. I want to be successful so my family will be happy for me. If I complete my education i will give my son an excellent example in life. He also would be proud of me and when is his time to go to school I will be his motivation to continue and complete school. He will always have me when he needs me.

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My future plans in life are to finish high school, go to college and become a crime scene investigator or and chef. I will like to attend to a four year college/university but since my GPA is not higher enough and I am not able to afford college I will have to attend to a two year community college. I am interested in Criminal Justice and Culinary Arts. When I was like about ten years old a crime was committed close to my house. The day of crime I woke up and went outside, look around the corner of my house there was a man laying in the floor. I walk towards the man and saw that he was dead, I told my grandma and she called the police.

The police came immediately and they started to investigate. I was present at all time. Crime scene investigator came and they look so cool to me and all the investigation and descriptions they did were really interested to me so this is why I would like to become a crime scene investigator. I am interested in culinary arts because I love to cook. My junior year I took foods one and I found it so interested and I learned many new ways and food that I can cooked and I never done before. When we cooked in I wanted to participate in everything.

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