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Raisin in the suns

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In A Raisin in the Sun the movie directed by Kenny Leon, the tone and attitudes of the characters set apart the movie from the book, written by Lorraine Handlebars, because of how they make the scene more powerful and impact. In comparison, the movie gives a better understanding of the real emotions of the characters; however, the book helps the reader understand the importance of every word. Both of the works start out in 1 959 on the Southeast of Chicago where there is racial tension and living is a struggle.

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Raisin in the suns
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The written word is a key aspect in Lorraine Handlebar’s book A Raisin in the Sun because it helps portray their positioning and how much they support and love each other throughout the book. The Youngster’s live in a world where not nothing good will come “less you pay something off! ” These words are exclusive because they show how the world functions (or how Walter thinks it does) in this particular time period.

Money is all Walters sees and that is his positioning in the opening scene.

Mama also raised her children to have unconditional support and love for each other because she “mint never really wanted nothing that wasn’t for you. ” This shows how much she firmly believes in working together as a family. These quotes both show how the book focuses more on the meaning of each sentence and every word, which then creates the emotions and feelings. Now the movie on the other hand focuses more on the emotions and attitudes of the characters, so that it intrigues viewers. The scene that usually makes a person warm inside is when Mama buys the family a house. PRAISE GOD” and “I have always wanted a house” are quotes said by Ruth and Travis to help the viewers understand how joyful and excited these characters are. Many times Beneath gets down on herself and she starts to blame things on other people. “that is the mistake” because she never deals with her own problems, said wisely by Sagas. Aegis’s quote helps her realize that she needs to change that part of her life; furthermore, this changes Beneath attitude in the movie from a infused and distraught girl to a “living the answer” and “never being afraid to sit and think” women.

So in the end, both the book and the movie give off different beneficial aspects to give the reader and/or the viewer a better understanding of the characters inner emotion and thoughts. Every word and every feeling make the book and the movie so much more powerful and intense. These both help people realize how important context and actions are to really comprehend the true meaning of the story.

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