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In order to get full credit in the Graded Discussion, students must answer each prompt in detail using quotes from the play as support where appropriate. The prompts include analyzing external factors that hindered the Younger family’s achievements, examining the role of faith and family in overcoming obstacles, discussing Walter’s misconceptions about being a businessman and his risky decision with the insurance money, and exploring the themes of progress and idealism versus realism in the play. Students must also draw connections between the play and external readings, including poems by Langston Hughes and articles about housing discrimination. The discussion will be assessed for preparation, active listening, and insightful contributions that go beyond simply repeating others’ ideas.

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Directions: In order to get full credit in the Graded Discussion (Assessment basically your midterm exam), you must complete each prompt in detail using quotes from the play as support where appropriate. Each answer must be at least three (3) bullet poi nuts. You may prepare for the discussion with a partner; identify your planning par teen at the top of your discussion notes. What external factors hindered, or may have hindered, the Younger’ achieve meet of their respective dreams.

  1. How do faith and family help the Younger to transcend external obstacles?
  2. Who do you think is the head of the Younger family?
  3. Does this role change throughout the play?
  4. How and why? What signifies the switch?
  5. What misconceptions does Walter have about being a businessman?
  6. What do you think about the risk Walter took with the insurance money?
  7. Was worthwhile one?
  8. Why or why not?
  9. How can you frame this lifesaving mistake e in a positive light?
  10. How does Beneath represent a new generation of American dreamers?
  11. Ha t is she seeking beyond material success?
  12. See Mascots Hierarchy of needs Mason’s Hierarchy of Needs How does the play develop the theme of progress, moving forward, in giant Ii APS as ell as in smaller steps?
  13. What perspective does the character of Joseph Saga I bring with regard to progress?
  14. Who are the idealists in the play?
  15. Who are the realists? Is anyone a Wallace De blend of both?
  16. Using information from the articles linked below, what could the Younger face Clubhouse Park?
  17. Why did Mama avoid buying a house in an area designated for colored people?
  18. Did they make the right decision? Why or why not?
  19. How does the poetry of Longs Hughes, “l, Too,” “Harlem,” and “A Song to a Negro Washman,” connect to Handlebars characters and themes?

Here are the extra readings that go with this assignment: The Ghetto Trap” (read in order to answer #9) Housing Article Additional poems to read: “l, Too” “Song to a Negro Washman” Scoring: Assessment category (40%) counts as an exam Preparation (20 points): Notes are prepared ahead of time with great care.

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In order to earn 20 points, each of the responses must show significant development and us ally exceed the minimum length requirement. Responses must include specific references to text. Will check your prepared answers on the day of the Socratic Seminar Discussion (30 points): Student displays active listening throughout the discussion, never alkali at inappropriate times or showing evidence of inattention. Contribution ins to the discussion are frequent, insightful, and are supported with specifics.

They do not simply repeat what others are saying. Student also responds to other students’ idea s specifically (with more than “l agree/disagree”). Expand/ Elaborate, Give an example (add an example), Compare/ contrast (self to text, text to world), Synthesize responses (yours and others’), and so on. Show improvement from the last seminar (first semester).

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