Notes From Animal Farm Socratic Seminar

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Class notes from Animal Farm Socratic Seminar Question do you think old Major wouldst,’e wanted animal farm to be different than what it turned out to be? Communism made animal farm different revolution meaning abandoning humans Question Could any animal make Snowball the leader, besides Napoleon? Would the dogs follow anyone else besides the pigs? Clover warmed up to all the other animals when they were cold. Only the pigs would brainwash the dogs because they were the only clever on sees in the farm.

Snowball would’ve been a much better leader than Napoleon boxer wouldn’t have brain washed the dog Clover can brainwash but not in bad way What would the farm look like if it was ruled by Snowball? There would be a lot more for everyone (electricity, windmill, and other stuff) If Snowball ruled he would eventually become greedy like Napoleon. Snowball wouldn’t have been corrupt because he wouldn’t have eaten the ann. malls food, and all he wanted was for the farm to be well off. Pigs were the best animals, will be that same like Napoleon nothing different between snowball and napoleon.

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Difference between Napoleon and snowball: less animals killed If snowball was the dictator the windmill would have been finished faster and he animals would still have food supplies. However, after finishing windmill there would have been more work for the a animals. Snowball didn’t go to any other farms. Where do you think snowball went after Napoleon kicked him out of the farm ? Maybe died snowball went to a different farm Would it have been possible for the animals to take over Napoleon? You can’t stage a revolution without strong animals.

He didn’t want his leader to get kicked out, so he followed the pigs. Boxer was brainwashed by the pigs How was Boxer rewarded? Astrakhan followed Stalin because Stalin made his life better, by making him f ammos around the farm. When the pigs died, would the dogs take over? No the young pigs would take over. The dogs were brainwashed to follow so none else order. He pig said we should all be equal . “Kirk” Boxer worked so much harder that n any of the other animals. F boxer got rewarded Orwell should change boxer to one Of the pig’s animals boxer was brainwashed so he followed Napoleon Without the dogs Napoleon would be powerless-As a dictator do you need co intro over the people? Yes Were there any animals besides the pigs that they thought they were better? The donkey was clever, but he wouldn’t be a good leader. None of the animal s thought about being leaders. Mollie went wherever she got sugar. (Boxwood) At the end where the pigs fight with the other humans, does that resemble the Nazis attacking the Soviet Union?

Yes they do. Do you think the young pigs would grow up and think that something wrong. Why was there a fight at the end? They were drunk If the dogs weren’t brainwashed before would they have taken over the farm? Yes. What would’ve happened if Mollie ended up ruling? Mollie woodcut know anything so they wood die. Would there have been a revolution if Snowball didn’t disappear? What do you think will happen if snowball took over? Napoleon will have a next generation when he retired. What was the main message that the animal farm was trying to tell us? Aches about a Russian revolution question everything because the animals didn’t question anything they should consider something once more they shouldn’t be manipulated easily who were considered women? The mother and the dog the hen considered weak annoying dogs the dog’s child What was the main message the author was trying to tell us? He was trying to teach us about the Russian Revolution, and totalitarian govern moments. The animals should think more about who they follow in the future. The females in this book had no power at all, they were easily manipulated, a d annoying, considered weak. IF the animals dreamed about a better place what would’ve happened? IF all the animals turned against the pigs, the pigs would’ve ran away. If the dog mother had a choice to kill her puppies, do you think she would have e done it no. Because she loved her puppies the chickens eggs are not considered babies but simply represents the kulaks food and land The puppies weren’t he kids anymore, they were Napoleons. What would’ve happened if Old Major didn’t die? He would be the Napoleon. Napoleon would kick him out, and not listen to hi m. E wanted utopia not power.

Snowball was portrayed as Trotsky he came up with a five year plan squealer was manipulated Squealer was afraid of betraying Napoleon. Napoleon had full control over Squealer. Napoleon’s puppet Squealer -he didn’t have any value Stalin got rid of Trotsky pictures. The animals are scared of facing the truth. They were used to be told what to do. They relied on others. Relied on Napoleon Why do you think the other animal’s accepted napoleon’s leadership he got it from fear. Did Napoleon do anything to benefit the farm? He didn’t benefit the farm at all.

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