A Report on My Beliefs and Ideas as a Free Thinker

If I had to rate myself on a scale from 1-10 on how much of a free thinker I think I am I would rate myself a 6. More time than not I am my own person and I stick to what I believe in, I have this whole idea that dates way back and is actually linked to the buddhist religion, that in the simplest form states. You become what you think about. I never ever let people influenced my perspective on that nor do I let people tell me different. That is something I truly believe and I will always believe. But, on the other hand I am also very open to other ideas and more times than not I find myself riding along with the mainstream. I think no matter what I do my own thing in the end because I wouldn’t make choices if i believed against them but sometimes I can admit are influenced by others.

Years ago this answer would be literally the complete opposite of what I am about to say. I think that just comes with maturity. But in three simple adjectives I would say I am outgoing, accepting and curious. No one not myself or any of my friends would ever describe me as a shy person. I am always wanting to know everyone and I am always talking to everyone no matter what their background is. I love meeting people and I love making friends. I am a people person for sure. I say I am accepting because most people in our school stick to their “group” and their group only. That is just not me. I don’t care if you are black, white, yellow, green or purple.

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In my eyes I see you no different from myself and I think that is why I make friends so easily because not of people see things the way I do. I just think that was the way I was raised and it in the end has helped me become such a better person. I am so curious, and by that I mean I always want to find out more than I already know. I always have questions to ask. That is just how I am. That is one of the main reasons I love to travel. You find out so much more about yourself and the life around you when your experience it from a different perspective. A lot of my questions are answered when I walk in someone else’s shoes.

This sort of goes along with the mainstream thing I was talking about before. I really do not always just do what others think I am my own person and I do have my own thoughts. But, I am the girl who always gets what’s new and mainstream like if a new shoe comes out I will get it or if the new iphone comes out I have to have it. But I don’t think that is because other people think that those things are cool, it is because I do. I do what I want so in the end I don’t think that other people influence me at all. I do not go with the majority vote on something just because that is what everyone thinks. If I disagree with it then I will share my thoughts and I am not scared to admit I don’t agree.

My school is a very accepting place for the most part. I think the teachers are open to all things as they probably have to be. But the students definitely are not. I see a lot of people walking around with green hair and these awesome outfits. To them they think they look good, they are expressing themselves and are happy. But are they really happy? I see and hear so many people putting the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves down and that isn’t right. Just like in the movie Mean Girls, they think they are superior to all the other students. But I think that is why our school has such a big impact because after they watch someone get bullied than their become scared to do the same.

If kids weren’t so judgemental and rude then I think it would be easier for others to be himself. Same with the media. They glamourize all of the lives of the famous and present it as what the “normal” person should be. It is totally fake and pathetic. I think the media absolutely DIScourages free thinking. They act like the life of the famous is the only right way to live and sort of make it look like it’s a fantasy and we are all just living under them.

In conclusion I think magazines like People and US glamor up the fake “reality” and it would be really nice for once to see normal people in those magazines. People do awesome things but just because they aren’t famous those stories are not being told. I really wish people would speak their opinion more often because hearing other sides to things is important. But before any of that can happen people need to stop judging because they are scaring the ones who want to be themselves but feel like they can’t. I am proud to be someone who doesn’t let others opinions influence me and I hope to help others be more comfortable with thinking and doing as they want.

I think that technology ultimately helps our culture it is such a unique tool for everybody especially the shy ones. Without online communication or texting some people feel as if they are able to speak their minds and with the tool of technology nowadays we can say whatever we want to whoever we want no matter the distance at any point in time. At the same time I can see how that could be hurting us and we might be losing a lot of her social skills but in the long run I think it helps us more than it hurts.. I think technology will always be advancing and it is advancing quicker and quicker I personally have heard of a watch that projects onto your wrist and it is just touch screen basically off of your own arm to me that is just amazing in the butt is already happening in 2015 who knows what life will be like in 2080 everyone talks about flying cars and stuff like that as a joke but honestly it could happen and I don’t even think that is in the far future if people really wanted to make it happen now I’m sure they could get the materials together to make it happen.

I honestly don’t see any reasons for limits on technology I don’t really ever see a downside to it but that might just be me because my generation grew up with this kind of stuff and I do see how the generations above me far above me like the 80s kids don’t really feel technology is 100% necessary but us kids it really is because this is all we’ve ever known. duplicating people or having cars a drive themselves might not have the best outcomes at first but people will adapt and I think that the more technology girls the more we will succeed as a whole.

Personally I am super interested in the afterlife because no one knows the answer to it so it’s always been something that I love to talk about it’s not like I’m crazy about death or anything like that I just think it’s so interesting that it’s the one question no one knows the answer to no one can know until the day comes. Everybody is so scared of it but me personally I’m not scared of death I don’t know how you can be when you already know it’s going to happen if you’re living your life to the fullest. there should be no reason for you to be scared of death because if you live every day like it’s your last that you should I happy person and that shouldn’t be a fear.

Another question everybody ponders on is if God is real or not I guess it doesn’t hurt to believe and if he’s not then I guess it doesn’t matter in the end so people believe just in case but I believe don’t actually have strong beliefs towards religion? I just think questions that we don’t know the answer to her very interesting and I like to hear other people’s perspectives on them because everybody can come up with their own theory and no one can say that it is right or wrong. I guess there’s a lot to be confused on but those would be my main things that I ponder on because again like I said everyone’s confused on them because no one can possibly know the if you right a wrong answer because there is no right or wrong answer.

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