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Core Beliefs – America Has Its Own Beliefs

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Core Beliefs

When the word “core beliefs” pop into our minds, we automatically connote it with religion or spiritual beliefs. Like any other place or culture in the world, America has its own beliefs not just in the field of religion but also on politics, economics, etc. but more importantly, it is imperative to have at least a little knowledge of our beliefs because it can (and will) help us tremendously in the course of our lives.

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Core Beliefs – America Has Its Own Beliefs
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But first, it is important to know our beliefs.

In America, core beliefs are the toughened, rock-like ideologies and assumptions that are usually based on the early choices and assessments  that are likely long forgotten (Keyes, 1988). Additionally, core beliefs are those that are generally will not change and will most likely to remain very concealed from our consciousness (J. John Loughran, 1997) Usually, these core beliefs are about oneself that are lies that we have allowed ourselves to swallow; often, these include statements that are negative tat can eventually end up to thousands of addictions.

Meanwhile, secondary beliefs are the ones that are contradictory to our core beliefs. But, we, as humans are very good at compartmentalization and often, we are able to ignore these contradictions. In conjunction with the core and secondary beliefs of the rest of the world, there is little difference from the American beliefs. If we examine thoroughly the basis for these beliefs, there lies a collective unconscious that binds or connects all the beliefs in the world may it be in a broad or specific terms.

In reality, there really is a big difference between core and secondary beliefs. But to make things easy for us (and as to comply with our premise that there is a universal basis for all the beliefs in the world), there is one thing that we can do and that is to compartmentalize all our beliefs and because we are humans, we are gifted to have our free will but it suggested that we should ignore the contradictions to attain a single belief with ourselves.


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