A Zone of Ambiguity: A Summary

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            In this article, I have read that the development of cigarette bootlegging within the United Kingdom has changed rapidly since the eradication of European infra-community trading frontiers up to the present prevalence of the phenomenon. The trend utmostly continued to the extent of smuggling and other moonlighting activities done to further monopolize the illegal trade of cigarettes. It was mid-1990s when the United Kingdom rose to fame as the prime marketer of illegal imports of cigarettes within the European Union.

I have understood in this article the assessment of the the progression of cigarette bootlegging in the United Kingdom through a case study conducted by an entrepreneurial criminal firm, which goal is to capitalize on the the disproportions of cigarette prices on the European Union. It aims to do so through the aid of its  specialized stock of contraband goods to the UK market, which is easily accessed. This article challenges that the manner of the relaxed trading barriers through the European Union legislation, an innovative criminal firm abused the rise of ambiguous zones of trade openings at the changing terrain of the political economy created by the European integration.

This study concludes with the introduction of the concept of “consumerist syndrome,” which challenges the political arena and the social orders that control activities such as this. This phenomenon was known to have killed several people. However, it has opened several chances for importers of cocaine. The working class serve for the clienteles and the thought has been widely bastardized to hinder the growth of the industry, but it still happens.

I have realized through this article that the manner by which such things happen affect state affairs, which eventually could lead to more severe damages not just to the state but also to other legal economic activities, as well.


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