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Aarkstore – Insurance Research Digest

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“The Insurance Research Digest” is a digest of all the most important market research in the wealth and retail investments industry each quarter, gathered from over 50 sources including associations, consultants, market intelligence companies, investment banks, and industry participants. It covers the life insurance and general insurance industries globally. Updated quarterly, the Digest allows you to:

  • Quickly update yourself on the latest research findings, gathered and organised for you.
  • Get our Expert Analysts’ perspectives on the latest research.
  • Link through to the original research to review or purchase.
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    Aarkstore – Insurance Research Digest
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Executive SummaryInsurance Research Digest H1 2014 finds that Insurers are turning to technology platforms in order to meet the dual challenge of lack of sales talent and customer dissatisfaction. Increased investment in technology and software is found globally, including collaborations with Fintech companies, and investment in actuarial software. Companies are seeing technology as a way to meet declining talent in the traditional adviser channel, and concerns over service quality. Many advisors are taking technology in their own hands and becoming more active in social media.

In the meantime the overall insurance outlook is stable rather than spectacular with some newer markets offering the greatest returns. Some highlights from the Digest include:

  • Financial Services Companies’ Operatives Believe They Are Not Doing A Good Job For Customers
  • Personal Financial Management Tools Set To Grow, But Financial Institutions Find Them Hard To Monetise
  • Major Talent Shortfall For Insurance Agents
  • Investment In Actuarial IT Set To Grow Rapidly
  • US Insurance Advisors Have Grown to Love Social Media
  • Wechat Becoming A Vital Tool To…

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Aarkstore – Insurance Research Digest. (2018, Aug 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/aarkstore-insurance-research-digest/

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