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Abortion, a Controversial Issue

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    Abortion has always been a controversial topic, from the court case Roe v. Wade to the view points of pro-life and pro-choice supporters; controversy has stemmed from the actual procedure, the reasons for abortion, and the after effects. Abortion was legalized because of the court case Roe v. Wade which originated in Austin, Texas (Tompkins prologue). A young woman by the name of Norma McCorvey, also known as Jane Roe, was unmarried and she lived in poverty (Tompkins 19). She found out she was pregnant and decided that she wanted an abortion.

    Two lawyers by the name of Sarah and Linda asked Norma if she would be their plaintiff for a test case to legalize abortion in Texas. Norma told the court that she had been raped, this was a false statement. She had thought this would give her an advantage and the court would agree to give her the abortion. The case proceeded for three years and abortion was made legal in the United States in 1973. This court case made abortion legal in the first three months of pregnancy, but in the companion court case Doe v. Bolton, it was made legal up until the last trimester. In a Roe v. Wade documentary with Norma McCorvey today, she speaks of her experiences after the case was passed. She expressed feelings of guilt because she felt she made the wrong decision (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=2Kz-s3K7tfA). There are many reasons why a woman chooses to have an abortion. One reason that is given is that the woman has an unwillingness to become a single mother. A second reason why someone would choose to have an abortion is because they are financially unstable. Fifty-seven percent of women who want abortions are economically disadvantaged. Some women say that their baby will have a negative impact on their life.

    Many more reasons are given such as not wanting anymore children, not ready to become a mother, their spouse wants them to have an abortion, they have complications with their own health, or their parents want them to have the procedure done (http://womensissues. about. com/od/reproductiverights/a/AbortionReasons. htm). “Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures done in America today (http://contraception. about. com/od/contraceptionfailure/a/aboutabortion. htm). ” Each and every day four thousand abortions are made in the United States and an estimated 1. 3 million are preformed each year (http://contraception. bout. com/od/contraceptionfailure/a/aboutabortion. htm). Abortion methods and procedures vary depending upon where the woman is in her term of pregnancy. A common form of abortion is called suction aspiration. This procedure is where the embryo is vacuumed out of the mother’s uterus. Medication methods are also an alternative. These procedures are not an option after or during the second trimester of pregnancy. Partial birth abortion was another type of procedure before it was made illegal in 2003 by George W. Bush (http://contraception. about. com/od/contraceptionfailure/a/aboutabortion. htm).

    This method occurs when the fetus is fully developed. “The baby is partially born before its abortionist induced termination (http://www. allaboutpopularissues. org/what-is-partial-birth-abortion-faq. htm). ” Another form of abortion is a hysterotomy, known as an abortive c-section (http://www. all. org/article. php? id=10122). “The after effects of an abortion can be mild or severe. The most frequent reactions after an abortion are depression, loss of self-esteem, self destructive behavior, sleeping disorders, guilt, and remorse (http://www. lifeissues. net/writers/rea/rea_22aftereffectsabr. html). ” In the Roe v. Wade documentary one woman commented that it had been fourteen years since her last abortion, and one week since her last nightmare. Minor complications after an abortion include minor infections, bleeding, fevers, chronic stomach pain, and vomiting. A survey was taken of one hundred women who suffered from post-abortion trauma, eighty percent felt self hatred, forty-nine percent reported drug abuse and thirty-nine percent began to consume more alcohol. More severe complications after an abortion include infection, excessive bleeding, convulsions, hemorrhage, cervical injury, and endotoxic infection.

    The only positive emotion after an abortion was reported to be relief (http://www. lifeissues. net/writers/rea/rea_22aftereffectsabr. html). Two campaigns for abortion are pro-life and pro-choice. Ever since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973 these two groups have protested their point of view and belief. “Pro-life supporters believe that abortion is equivalent to homicide. They argue that life is something precious. Also, they argue that a woman who demands complete control of their body should bear the responsibility of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Pro-choice supporters say a women’s freedom to decide, is critical to women’s civil rights.

    Many pro-choice believers say life does not begin at conception (http://www. buzzle. com/articles/arguments-for-pro-choice-abortions. html). ” In earlier years these two groups had different names for themselves; pro-choice was formally known as pro-abortion, and pro-life was called anti-abortion. As time when on, controversy and debate heightened and each group changed their name to represent themselves (http://www. buzzle. com/articles/arguments-for-pro-choice-abortions. html). A documentary of Norma McCorvey, who was mentioned earlier, was made recently and she began to share her feelings toward abortion after time has passed.

    She spoke of her experiences when she worked in several abortions clinics and what she saw. Norma told the viewers that in the operating room there would be babies body parts stacked up in the corner of the room like fire wood. One day she went back to the freezer and she saw something that would forever scar her thoughts, she said these babies had faces. Norma expressed that she doesn’t have a lot of forgiveness for herself but she knows she has been forgiven. It is uncomfortable for her to know she has helped abortion become possible in this country. She wished she could remove her name out of the law books and turn back time.

    She also said she still carries a lot of guilt and shame for being a part of Roe v. Wade till this day. Abortion has, and always will be a controversial topic in this country. Many people our passionate and willing to express their view points on this issue. The repercussions of the Roe v. Wade law are still evident today. It is also evident that there are many reasons to have an abortion but a higher percentage of negative emotions and reactions are present. Many advocates of the pro-life movement want to reverse the decision made over twenty years ago, but the pro-choice supports fight to keep this law alive. Who is to say

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