The Controversial Issue of Teenage Pregnancy in Sapang Kawayan

Our subject is all about the controversial issue in SAPANG KAWAYAN. Because some adult females there are already given a birth at immature age. As I said that was from Sapang Kawayan Masantol Pampanga. It is a barangay surrounded by rivers in Masantol Pampanga. But before it was still portion of Hagonoy Bulacan. Some of the jobs fundamentally are deficient agencies of instruction ( they merely have simple school back so. but they have High School merely recent ) and Early Marriage. Sapang Kawayan is barangay in Philippines Municipality Masantol in the state Pampanga in Central Luzon which as portion of the Luzon Group of Island. Sapang Kawayan is besides one of the barangay which are in the outlying country of Municipality Masantol.

At 14. most misss are likely on their first crush. first day of the month. first puppy love. Around this age. misss take their first awkward measure into muliebrity. At 14. immature misss see physical alterations brought approximately by adolescence. At this immature age they are possibly merely get downing to larn how to go a adult female. But in Sapang Kawayan at 14 there are misss who have taken humungous springs into maternity. At this immature age. these misss are either pregnant or have already given birth. The intent of these survey is to uncover to the populace particularly to the authorities that they need to look over the support at that place in Sapang Kawayan and give what is the best solution on the crisis and job they’re facing. That we should make something to deliver the self-respect of the beloved barrio.

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Statement of the job:

Sapang Kawayan is a little small town in Masantol Pampanga. at first glimpse one would believe there is nil extraordinary about this town. But upon closer reviews the difficult truth reveals itself many female parents in the small town are really immature misss. Girls as early 12 old ages old are acquiring pregnant and acquiring married because of the farness of the country and deficiency of instruction installations. A play series on telecasting about a 14 twelvemonth old miss who got pregnant by her fellow but raised her babe. A high school pupil who got her girlfriend pregnant and accepts his early duty. Where in when a miss reached 18 old ages old without hubby or household or baby/ies are considered old. Teenagers watch telecasting 4 or more hours per twenty-four hours harmonizing to cultivation theory by George Gerbner are considered as heavy viewing audiences that develops exaggerated beliefs because they are more open to force ( besides sex functions. faith. matrimony. beauty. etc. ) and they thinks were easy affected by the thought that the universe is worse so what we really think.

Media. particularly televsion. presents plays large function on how the viewing audiences perceive world. particularly to these new coevals that watch telecasting 2-8 hours per twenty-four hours. Adolescents now base their opinions and actions to be done from the world provided to them by telecasting which they think is the REALITY. Even though Cultivation theory is non concerned with the “effect” of peculiar plans. telecasting is a narrator. It provides a set of cultural beliefs. values and patterns which the viewing audiences can pick the influences brought to them by media. On the other manus. if we think about it as a individual without believing about any theories. it can non get away the fact that telecasting has an person or alone effects on the viewing audiences. particularly adolescents. Media consequence differs in every individual. that is why they besides have different reactions on every peculiar affair.


Here are some differences between Sapang Kawayan an Island and A City.

Sapang Kawayan * In SK merely at place they can loosen up and hangout with their friends. So when they got bored they merely soothing to each other. * Small countries * Because of little countries Merely seldom have schools * Small and seldom environment * Because of besides the background of SK that in the yesteryear there are some misss got pregnant in a immature age. So they can make it besides. * Lack of chances * Lack of money * Lack of installations * Lack of school * Economic they have| City * When you get bored you can loosen up and hangout at promenade nines and disco’s * Large countries * Because of big countries more interesting you can make here * Large and beautiful environment although may hold pollution but that is portion of life in a metropolis. * More opportunies * More occupations * More money * More installations * good economic than SK

The issue there is Early Pregnancy because of the simple support they are have are fishponds. church. school and some male childs will work hard for angling. while some kids playing at place. Sapang Kawayan is known as Young Girls Pregnant. Because of some misss at that place at the age of 13 are pregnant or already given birth. The ground behind that is because of deficiency of installations there the sort of support they have. because when its late in the eventide while everyone is kiping some teens there are holding haunt at place and take note they will hangout at that place tardily dark up to forenoon. And while hanging out they can make what of all time they want they comforted each other and things go oning that a immature age don’t do. Because that’s the lone amusement or avocation they have. No extraordinary in this barrio. They can merely go to mass when there is person who got Baptism or Marriage. Besides in SK up to rate 6 was merely so most of kids at that place after class 6 got married or got pregnant. Parent blame the deficiency of high school so some misss got early gestation.


Reyneth is 14 old ages old. Alternatively of go toing category in school. she is busy go toing to the demands of her babe. Maan 15 old ages old. And a friend of Reyneth. has besides had to give school for the interest of her chid. She stays at place larning how to take attention her immature family/ . Reyneth and Maan are non stray instances of adolescent gestation in the small town. There are more misss in Sapang Kawayan who are populating the same destiny. In this little town. they say there is small chance for adult females. After simple. non many are able to travel high school. But Janine 16 old ages old would wish to be the exclusion. She dreams old prosecuting an instruction. She has merely taken a critical trial. the consequences of which will significantly alter her hereafter. But its non the school’s concluding test that she’s worried about. Janine has merely taken a gestation trial. doing her fright that she excessively might go a immature female parent of Sapang Kawayan.


Our sentiment about what we tackled in our instance survey is we hope that authorities should make something in this peculiar topographic point. Particularly of what sort of support they have. And I will propose that some parents should supervise their kids for mundane they live for forestalling that sort of crisis or job. and I would wish to state to the media because media is one of the figure 1 cause why some other adolescent got her early gestation because media consequence differs in every individual. that is why they besides have different reactions on every peculiar affair. Because when they watch telecasting with a scene particularly when its all about relationship. sex. matrimony heavy viewing audiences that develops exaggerated beliefs because they are more open to force and they were easy affected by the thought that the universe is worse than what we really think. And at last it merely depends on us if we choose to be heavy spectator and absorb all the worlds telecasting is demoing to us.


We therefore conclude that the possible solution in these crisis is kapitan of SK should travel to Government and acquire some aid to enlarging the installations and environment and support at that place. Constructing an high school have good more benefits to the kids particularly to their parents so that they cant even worry about the hereafter of their kids. Because once more the amusement in SK are increased because of constructing an high school their and they considered that one of their felicity. All parents in SK are happy because they can now anticipate and trusting now that they have an High School they are trusting that the figure of early gestation will dropped or lessening now. And our massage to parents they should supervise they kids everyday they live. And to my co-teenagers particularly to some misss there you should cognize your restrictions and you should cognize how to construct a dream and you make it an inspiration. Do non lose hope because I believed that WE the adolescents the hope of the people. And in conclusion some people at that place in SK is now filled with hope that someday SK will no longer be known as ANG MGA DALAGITANG NABUBUNTIS SA SK.

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