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Abortion in Today’s Society

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In our country today we have many hot button issues. One of the most discussed matters being abortion. There are two main parties in this controversy that have very differing views on abortion. There are the pro- life people who believe that abortion is wrong and want it to be illegal. On the other side there are Pro-choice people who believe it is the choice of the woman on whether or not to bare a child full term or terminate the pregnancy.

These two views have the support of many politicians and partially determine they way people vote.

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Abortion in Today’s Society
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In this research paper we will address the differences in beliefs on abortion, the legal side of it, the political side, and the medical facts that are behind this controversy. Abortions are quite common 1 in 3 woman have reported to have had abortion by the time they are 45. There are two different types of abortion. You can have an in-clinic abortion or take the abortion pill.

The in-clinic abortion can be done it two ways, aspiration or dilation and evacuation. In aspiration they insert a vacuum like tube into the patients cervix and empty the uterus.

Aspiration is used up to 16 weeks after you last period and is the most common in-clinic procedure. The other in-clinic procedure is dilation and evacuation in this procedure that used medical tools and a suction machine to empty the uterus. In abortions that are later Walkey 2 in the second trimester a needle may have to be injected into the abdomen to ensure the termination of the fetus. The other less invasive type of abortion is the abortion pill. When taking the abortion pill you have to take 2 pills over the course of 3 days. The first pill is given to you by you healthcare provider, which you take there, along with antibiotics.

The abortion pill blocks your progesterone, which breaks the lining of the uterus. You are also prescribed another pill called Misoprostol, this pill causes, the uterus to empty. The abortion pill can be taken up to 9 weeks into your pregnancy. On the pro-life side of the debate the main argument is that life starts at conception and by having an abortion you are ending a human life. In other words you are committing murder by having an abortion. America is one of the highest ranked countries for abortions. Pro-lifers also back up their decision with different factors that prove that abortions can cause problems.

Having an abortion can lead to getting breast cancer, it can also lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. They believe that humanity or (personhood) starts at conception. Pro-life supporters also argue that having an abortion can cause many unwanted psychological effects including depression. There are also some concerns on the safety of the procedure. Woman who have had multiple abortions are more likely to have miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and other complications. Walkey 3 On the other hand there is the pro-choice supporters who believe that it is the women’s right to choose whether or not to carry the baby to full term.

Pro-choice people also believe that abortions should remain legal because in the event that someone was raped, could not afford the expenses of having and raising a child, or the health of the mother was in question having an abortion would be the only viable option. Another good argument that supports keeping abortion legal is going to cause more and more woman to have illegal abortions. Before abortions became legal many woman would go to unlicensed “doctors” and received abortions. The illegal abortions were almost always botched jobs and there were many awful side effects.

For example you can become infertile, experience infection, contract disease, and cause you to have a miscarriage later in life. The pro-choice view is also shared by many associations including the American Psychological Association and American Sociological Association. They believe that it is a woman’s civil right to choose whether or not to bear a child full term. The main debate in politics to day, in regards to abortion, is the psychological effects of an unwanted pregnancy versus abortion, as well as the emotional and physical stability of the woman in question.

This is belief is supported by the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. There were several cases that made it to the Supreme Court on the topic of abortion. The most famous court case being Roe v. Wade. In the case Roe was trying to make it so that she could have an abortion. The Supreme Court ruled that the right to have an abortion is cover in the constitution by the right to privacy in the Walkey 4 due process clause. Roe won the courts decision with a 7-2-majority vote. The court ruled that because the risk of childbirth was higher then an abortion during the first trimester.

The funny thing is, by the time the Supreme Court made the final decision she was too far along to have an abortion. This was the case that protected the woman’s rights on a federal level to choose to have a child or not. One of the most controversial topics on this issue is when life starts. Pro-lifers say that life starts at conception. So when you have an abortion you are committing murder. Pro-choicers believe that life starts at birth. There for there is nothing wrong with abortion. However the real question that dictates whether or not abortion is morally right is when humanity starts.

This is a question that people have to ask themselves. How can we make it better? I believe that there are many things that we as a country can do to decrease the number of abortions we have each year. We should not make abortion illegal instead provide resources that can prevent pregnancy. Obama has begun to implement a plan that will require all universities and all hospitals to provide contraceptives to all of their employees and patients/students. B providing contraceptives to the students at universities we are preventing abortions one person at a time. Walkey 5 With all of these facts I personally support the pro-choice position.

I believe that it is the right of the woman to decide if she wants to go through full term with a pregnancy. I also think that if abortion were to be made legal it would cause people to seek elsewhere to terminate the pregnancies, which can lead to botched abortions. I also think that there are certain circumstances that benefit from abortion being legal. For example if you were raped and ended up pregnant you should not be expected to give birth and raise a child that could cause a serious mental breakdown and be a constant reminder of the rape. Also, when the risk of having a child is higher then the risk of having an abortion.

Pro-choice does not affect people that don’t want an abortion they are not required to get one. So in my eyes why make it illegal the people who want the abortions will get them and the people who don’t want them wont. It is our right as Americans to be able to do what we want as long as it is not breaking any laws. Personally I don’t think that abortion will ever be made illegal again. The risk of having a botched procedure is way too high and that is a bigger risk then having abortions legal so people have a safe and sanitary place to have the procedure done. Making abortions illegal goes against our constitutional rights.

It is illogical for this argument to still be going on. Nothing is going to change and we spend so much time on this topic. In reality we should be focused on more pressing matters not on abortion. Abortions are here to stay like it or not. Walkey 6 Overall no matter what side you agree with there are good points for each argument. This issue is always changing and many new studies are being done everyday. This will remain to be one of the most discussed topics in politics. Whether you are conservative or liberal you voice your opinion, which makes this subject so controversial.

It doesn’t matter what side is right or morally correct abortion is something that will be here for the foreseeable future. While it does hold a lot of weight on who people choose to vote for in politics it is a subject that will never be changed. People have the constitutional right under due process granted by the Supreme Court. You cannot take that right away from the people once you have already granted it to them. Everyday people are coming up with new reason on whether or not abortions should be legal. This will never be a topic that goes on the back burner on the political spectrum.

However I also believe it is an issue that will be forever unchanged. No matter what your view on the issue is you cant change what has already been done. Abortions are legal and they will be legal forever.

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