About My New Life After Moving To Edmond, Oklahoma

It was five minutes until Thanksgiving break—of my Sophomore year—and this would be the last time I walked out of the old, moss streaked building that I called my High School. I remember that day like it was just yesterday, one of the most important times of my life. My classmates were happy and cheerful to start the break. Unfortunately, I was never coming back. I had a few minutes to look back and just take in what I called my High School one last time. I was moving, in the somewhat middle of my Sophomore year, and I had believed that my life would be so different then it is now and would never be the same. Buring the break, my family and I packed everything and loaded it in the truck and left our big town in Dallas. That town was known has Frisco, Texas.

When we arrived in my new town of Edmond, Oklahoma I occupied myself from thinking about my old home by unpacking the boxes and arranging my room to the way I wanted it. After an hour or so I finished so I went to go check on my puppy but he went gone. Before I started organizing my room I had put him in the bathroom so he wouldn’t get in the way of people and so he wouldn’t run out of one of the open doors. Instantly thinking of the worst possibility, I bolted outside and started yelling his name, “Odie!!” In that instant, the dog that helps me sleep at night and comforts me his gone.

I started crying for my dog, the people that I can’t see anymore, and the changes that have yet to come. Losing him made me recognize how much he meant in my life. But after about 20 minutes of looking all around the neighborhood, I decided to look in the bathroom one more time. Turns out he was still in the bathroom; I ignored the fact that he was still a small dog and he was hiding behind the toilet.

Then came the time for the new school. My moving trip changed me in the greatest way. Thinking back to when we first moved up here, I was super shy just to my neighbors but now I have opened up to more people. As I sat down in every class not knowing anybody and faces as being unknown to me. I touched the cool metal on the desk and it reminded me of the friends that I missed and don’t have anymore. But with moving from Texas that meant I had to take Oklahoma history. That meaning I would be a Sophomore in a Freshman class which didn’t help with getting to know people. The first couple of days were kinda challenging with getting used to the new school system. Also, with the move it brought out a new side of me, which is the social side of me.

It has been a little over a year now since unpacking the boxes of my house. I have learned every nook and cranny of the house. I have finally started to become a more social person and not being afraid of the unknown. Also, I have gained a few friends that I am close with and I have also got myself a girlfriend. However, I do still miss things from Texas. The memories I gathered in Frisco will forever be in my heart but it is time to get new memories and expand myself in Edmond. In the spring of 2020, I will be graduating in a blue rope. Furthermore, I still have room to gain new things and I will take it as I am given it. 

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