Absenteeism for the Fourth Year High School

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Introduction: Absenteeism is the frequent absence of a student, employee, and other member of an organization without any valid reason. Often, absenteeism is the cause of reduction of performance level of an individual in an organization. The main problem of today’s educational system is the truancy/habitual absenteeism of the students in school without proper vindication of such action.

Some students are not aware of what absenteeism may lead them to and that may be the risk for them because there are many disadvantages of absenteeism such that: 1) Absenteeism might affect the performance level of a student in his/her studies 2) Absenteeism might isolate a student from his/her peers thus making him/her apprehensive in terms of social interactions 3) Absenteeism might contribute to the continued loss of instruction or poor academic achievement and may lead for students to drop out from school

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4) Absenteeism might also lead for students to adopt a world of delinquency and crime and would give a bad effect to the society 5) Absenteeism they misses the opportunities that they should’ve had taken Objective: Some student of the Aklan Valley High School practices Absenteeism. This thesis describes the factor that causes absenteeism of these students due to their filial relationship. We conducted this notion to help identify or indicate the student’s absenteeism’s cause to help them alter this misstep of theirs Statement of the problem:

To get to the bottom of this problem, first, we have to identify the factors that may be the causes of this particular action. Then, later, we could initiate it to the student where we conducted the research. We can also come up of providing rules and regulations that will enforce the absentees in requiring fines and counselling of the parents. And lastly, he/she will be the final person whom should be responsible with the finishing touches. What is important is that we will be able to know why they are practicing absenteeism and what the possible solutions to this problem are. In every absence of the student, there is always a reason behind it.

These/this reasons/reason may be: 1) Broken Family- student that has a broken family thinks that his parents doesn’t give him affection or sense of importance for he thinks that they are only drawn in fighting each other that’s why, he becomes rebellious in a way that he practices absenteeism to draw attention from his filial relationship. 2) Lack of Guidance- wherein the student may take the wrong path (truancy) because someone that is supposed to be the one who is guiding him in making his decisions or things in life is drawn to their personal businesses that may lead the child to feel neglected. 3) Financial Problems- a student might not have the guts to go to school if he doesn’t have the financial support or just an unavailability of financial assistance. Other reasons are: a) He might be shy for he doesn’t have financial contributions to their projects and activities. )

He might be insecure during break time because others are having their snacks, while he is somewhat isolated, watching them to enjoy their food, that’s why he chooses to just be absent 4) Bullying- students prefer to be absent because other students are bullying them to the extent that they are being physically and emotionally maimed that may cause them to fear to go to school. 5) Peer Pressure- sometimes, student are being pressured by their friends to do something bad or wrong like cutting classes , habitual absenting in a class. 6) Pressure in studies- some students prefer to be absent because there are many works to do in school. For examples, at a particular day, all of his teacher’s would bid them quizzes and at the same time, projects are on its deadline.

In these situations, the student might take the easy way wherein, he would prefer to be absent rather than to take all the quizzes and to meet the deadline for his projects. Conceptual framework: In this framework, Absenteeism is the dependent variable. The six boxes that connect to the main box-absenteeism- are the independent variable. Thus these are the three factors that can affect the child’s absenteeism. Methodology: In methodology we have the stages included Research design, Research instrument, Sample size, Respondents, and Sampling Technique. Research design- Our research design was to help the researcher to organize a pattern while he/she is gathering the data of students that are being respondents to his/her research.

Research instrument- The research instrument that is used is the questionnaire that the researcher used in gathering the information concerning the reasons of the students in doing Absenteeism such as Broken Family, Lack of Guidance, Financial Problems, Bullying, Peer Pressure, and Pressure in Studies. The questionnaire was based on the character or personality of the student-respondents. It is also included the behaviour of the students of Aklan Valley High School inside their classrooms. Sample size- The sample size of the researcher was based on the preliminary set of questionnaires that the student-respondent needs to answer. The questionnaires was analyzed to determine their behaviour and action in answering the questions.

Respondents- The respondents of our research are the students who are always absent and cutting classes in school. They are the ones being questioned to obtain a good answers to are questions that will help solve the problems of absenteeism and to know how we will help them in their problems. Sampling technique- In other for the researcher to gather respondents for his/her research he needs to know the student who are always absent in every section, the researcher used the sample technique to know the student who will be the respondents to the research. The names of the students was taken to class records of the teachers. And the intervals were set that the researcher needs to pick a sample until he reach the required number of samples.

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