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Uglies Novel Grade 9



Words: 2070 (9 pages)

Group Essay on Uglies By Claire, Tara, Tarah, Genevieve, and Soojin Introduction: “A perfection of means, and confusion of aims seems to be our main problem” (Einstein). As humans, we try to achieve perfection, and fail often. We know how to achieve what we want, but when it comes to what we want to achieve,…

Writing assignment grade 5


Words: 852 (4 pages)

Cost of Production: The cost of manufacturing the bell anchor is $8. 00 per pound and the cost of manufacturing the hook anchor is $11. 00 per pound, yet charge the same amount per unit as their competitors, which in turn decreases their profit margins. At this time Albatross is dealing with operations and production…

6th Grade Language Arts Observation


Words: 783 (4 pages)

On Wednesday May 19, 2010, I observed Mrs. Kristi Jones 6th grade Language Arts Class at Chase Middle School. Mrs. Jones has her students come into class and sit down and begin their Silent Sustained Reading for the first 15 minutes of class every day. Students have their choice of trade books to read which…

Writing assignment grade 3


Words: 452 (2 pages)

So, according to this if the normal rate of growth of GAP is 3% and the rent unemployment rate is 6%, an increase in GAP growth to 4% would cause unemployment to change by 0. 33% percentage 2. When total output, income, employment, and trade decline for 6 to 12 months, the economy is in…

Writing assignment grade 7


Words: 930 (4 pages)

When this element is clear to everyone, there is better understanding as to how to communicate tit one another. The element of listening is also important because this will display non-verbal communication that can be picked up on for further understanding. Communication barriers are also important to understand to deliver concise communication and to get…

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

Words: 653 (3 pages)

Two of the main characters in William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus, could both arguably be the tragic hero of the play. Julius Caesar is a powerful leader, but his love of power overcomes him and ultimately turns him into something far from a hero. Marcus Brutus, on the…

Kasc Students Grade Inquiry Via Sms Technology




Words: 2593 (11 pages)

DEDICATION We dedicate our dissertation work first and foremost to ourselves who wanted so much to pursue System Analysis and Design. Moreover, we dedicate it to our school, Kalinga-Apayao State College and to our loving parents who supported us since the beginning of our studies and who have been a great source of motivation and…

Should Students Grade Their Teacher?




Words: 360 (2 pages)

Pretend that a teacher is explaining a math problem. A student does not understand and tries to ask a question. But the teacher has already proceed. Imagine this student’s feelings. Because of situations like this, students should be allowed to grade their teachers. In many years of schooling, I have witnessed on a daily basis…

The positive influences of teachers’ expectations to first grade students




Words: 709 (3 pages)

            The expectations of teachers of first grade students directly and indirectly influence the performance of the latter in both positive and negative ways. Expectations verbally and directly expressed to first grade students can alter the habits of these students for better or for worse. On the other hand, expectations indirectly manifested before the same…

The relationship of number of hours of studying to students Grade Point Average.





Words: 2235 (9 pages)

Assignment 1 Topic:  The relationship of number of hours of studying to students Grade Point Average. Importance of the Problem:             It is an accepted fact that the amount of time spent studying is directly related to one’s academic performance in class. Most parents and teachers advocate that student spend enough time studying in order…

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