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Analysis of a cirriculum artifact




Words: 2593 (11 pages)

Introduction The curriculum artifact chosen for analysis is a teacher’s edition of a text. Through this artifact, it will be possible to discover some of the theoretical influences governing the curriculum. Additionally, it will be possible to outline certain political, legislative and social aspects of the curriculum. Lastly, an analysis of the curriculum artifact will…

Example of Academic Plan




Words: 394 (2 pages)

This paper will discuss my academic plan for my pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering. Although I have been unable to download the calendar plan that was described in class I will outline my class schedule starting the spring semester 2008 until I graduate. As a start I would to explain…

Patterns of Paragraph Dev’t


Words: 1068 (5 pages)

Then, all at once, the sadness of the occasion struck us, the awful dolor of bidding farewell to someone we had never seen. We have since wondered what he looked like, and whether it was really goodbye. ” Process – A paragraph using process describes how something works, presented by a series of steps in…

Qualification and Curriculum Authority


Words: 3266 (14 pages)

Abstract As students are increasingly forecasting on competences, there is growing interesting among academicians to determine the computing skills of the students. Information technology is evolving from the mere computer to a network of computers and currently to U-Commerce.  It is becoming necessary for academicians to determine the computing skills of school going children so…

Creative Curriculum


Words: 1239 (5 pages)

1. The Creative Curriculum Framework is composed of How Children Learn, What Children Learn, The Parent’s Role, The Physical Environment, The Teacher’s Role and the different learning areas. Each component plays an important role in making the curriculum effective for the learners. * Philosophy – Many teachers want to know how children learn and how…

Needs Assessment in Curriculum APA Format


Words: 1144 (5 pages)

INTRODUCTION The purpose of preparing instructional design is to strengthen the learning process effectively, make the learning enjoyable, meet the learning objectives and help teachers, students and stakeholders find the applicability of education. As a result, curriculum design is required to make good preparation for the goal of learning to be attained. It is believed…

Curriculum Assessment of Bshrm Curriculum


Words: 2492 (10 pages)

THE PROBLEM A curriculum consists of a varying scope that defines the desired learning experiences that an educational institution desire to inculcate to their students. A curriculum, therefore may be a unit, a sequence of courses, or the school’s entire program of studies which may take place inside or outside of class or school when…

Сhildren Need to be Taught to Work from School




Words: 4215 (17 pages)

One way of helping their dreams and aspirations to be realized should begin at a much earlier age. Students should be given access to the world of work at primary school. One of the ‘feeder schools’ in my area has successfully implemented ‘bring your child to work day’ this has not only given youngsters a…

Argumentative on Common Core




Words: 768 (4 pages)

Introduction If the United States is one of the lithest nations of the world, why are we doing so poorly in education? The Common Core curriculum is a potential solution to this complicated problem. According to the New York Daily News, New York City students are doing poorly in both English and Math. And the…

The Key to Curriculum: Elements and Relationships


Words: 3507 (15 pages)

Key elements and relationships in curriculum Key elements within the curriculum and the relationships between them are shown in diagram 1 below. Staff and students are at the heart of curriculum. The relationships between them are shaped by the answers to key questions about assessment, content, learning interactions and the connections between those elements. In the diagram the top…

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