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Adapting to a New Culture

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11th AP Language and Composition 09 December 2012 Adapting to a New Culture As an immigrant we are faced with the fear of forgetting our culture, it’s values, and the root or our origins. We have to deal with the guilt of leaving our beloved land of birth behind and emerging in a new homestead with all of its uncertainties and cultural changes. Empathy invading us as we fail to comprehend if these adjustments in our life will transform our identities as we strive to adapt and conquer this new journey.

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Adapting to a New Culture
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Most likely there will be a cultural-shock, but as an immigrant we must be willing to deal with the diversities associated with migrating to a new country, with all its indifferences. If we are not open to change, we will just make it that much harder on ourselves, as it is tremendously beneficial to accept this new experience and completely embrace it. Bharati Mukherjee, a Hindu immigrant from Calcutta, shares her story of migration on her article American Dreamer, articulating that she considers the arrival to a new country a gain rather than a loss as others may presume .

Adapting to this unfamiliar ethnicity will have its challenges, however, if we persevere we will have gained an additional citizenship, with no loss or deterioration of our original nationality. We do not renounce our heritage simply because we assume possession of our new status; this simply makes us stronger. No one ever said it would be easy. Immigrants face many grievances as this country has its own standards and customs that we are not acquainted with. Even something as simple as our name can be a hinder to us when we migrate to America where as in our homeland it had a meaning.

Firoozeh Dumas, an immigrant who came to America with her family at a very young age, faced “the name” dilemma throughout her childhood. She endured endless humiliation, due to others ignorance, as her name would be pronounced wrong or changed for comical advantages not realizing that this would undoubtedly cause her grave scars (1). Today, Americans are now more inclined to accepting and embracing ethnic names as well as diverse cultures. If we arrive in this country with the notion of some day becoming successful and achieving the American dream, we must then acclimate urselves to this new culture and learn as much as we can about it. Abiding by their set of rules and standards, as well as educating our selves and acquiring the language, is a must to obtain the rewards immigrants aspire. Many may believe that Americans are disrespectful or rude as they have different mannerisms and behaviors that we are probably not accustomed to, such is the case presented in the article The Arab World. With adaptation and affiliation must come analyzing and not just criticizing them for what we may think is discrimination.

We must learn to understand everything about this new culture that we now live in and recognize that their norms may differ from what we are used to, nevertheless, acknowledging acceptance. The idea of failing to retain our original genuine culture outrages some people as they want to be immigrants in America but do not agree with change. They are set on keeping their traditions and values intact, believing that we shouldn’t change our identities as this will shape us into something we are not. Assuming that we will not be accepted by the coalition in this new culture due to stereotyping of other races, they refuse the idea of approbation.

As said by Vine Deloria Jr, “Not only were racial minorities excluded, but immigrants arriving on these shores were soon whipped into shape by ridicule of their English” (Deloria 1). People believe that stereotypes, racism, and discrimination continue to exist in today’s society. Discussed on We Talk, You Listen, immigrants are apprehensive that acceptance of any new venture would simply mean they are adopting the obsolete type of behaviors that oppressed them for centuries. Some may even say that we are being indifferent to our nationality if we try to adapt to the culture we now are a part of as immigrants; declaring you a trader.

Adaptation is seen as dishonorable by many immigrating cultures as they want to live in America without having to adapt. Shame plays a huge role in regards to the dishonor as many will even endure blasphemy due to the ignorance of those who believe they are forgetting their roots, moreover, their ancestors. Disbelief that we can live in a society where minority groups can push through the rhetorical impediments by developing within them selves a sense of communal domain, still exists. Bewilderment causes long life effects that are not easy to discard.

To acclimate is nothing more than adjusting to a different situation or condition. Because we adapt to the culture of this new country we have immigrated to is nothing more than trying to blend in and becoming part of yet another great nation. Immigrants have the unique chance to preserve those values that are sincerely cherished from our authentic cultures yet accepting that the superficial form of those values are likely to change, making us no different. We continue to treasure everything pertaining to our birth land, gaining now, a new homeland.

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