Admirable Leadership

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Why I Selected My Leader

            To start with, I selected a vice president in the area of compliance who is a university leader taking care of 17 campuses.  This was due to my observation that the person had a wide range of specific activities which she is required to accomplish.  Here I observed that she coordinated all activities which are in her docket without failing.  She has 17 campuses which she has to take care of their compliance operations and therefore she requires to employ the best skills in her leadership to be able to achieve the best results.  As observed in contingency theory, she has to identify all key factors which shall assist her to manage the campuses (Kouzes & Posner, 2007).  She has portrayed the ability to influence all the 17 campuses in a way that they all work together and are able to cooperate.

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            She has centered her actions towards what she is required to achieve and hence she is able to create a favorable atmosphere where all the campuses can work as a team.  This is well elaborated by the action theory which states that good leaders should consider the task which they are required to accomplish, then balance the needs for the task with the needs of the available work force.  The task and the work force should also be balanced with the individual who is cooperating the whole process (Twale & DeLuca, 2005).  All these three issues have to be considered if a leader wants to excel in leadership.  The leader ends up assuming an aerial view of the inter twin of the three aspects where she will be able to observe whether there is any progress being made.  I therefore examined her behavior as a leader and observed how she valued the above theories which made her remain focused.  All these abilities are the ones which drove me to select her as a leader.

What I Admired in my Leader.

            There are many things which I admired from her and to start with, I admired her ability to keep her cool even when things happened to be a bit tough to her.  She was always calm when circumstances became intensive.  This is as well explained in trait theory which says that leadership can be portrayed by the different traits which are acquired by the individuals (Bass, 1990).  Some people are able to adapt to situations easily while others take long to do so.  As observed, the leader I chose is able to conveniently fit in any arising situations even when the situations are complex in nature.  This helps her to maintain a good scope of the required compliance responsibilities.  She has been able to help the whole group accomplish all the tasks in the area in good time maintaining all compliance requirements.

            I also admired the way she was able to treat critical issues as though they had little or no weight for she always maintained her confidence and was positive while handling all case from all the 17 campuses.   This is observed in contingency theory where leaders are seen to be able to work in any arising situation which happen in their leadership (Kouzes & Posner, 2007).  My leader had answers on how to solve any arising crisis in all the campuses which I compare with the explanation given by contingency theory that there are ways out in all situation which arise.

            I further admired her dedication to her work that she always see that all issues are solved and make sure that all individuals from the 17 campuses are satisfied.  According to Kouzes & Posner (2007) good leaders are able to satisfy their clients by being concerned with matters concerning relationships experienced by people and more so take considerations of the available task.  This is further stressed by the leadership grid which explains how leaders are suppose to have a high level of concern for the people whom they serve and for the tasks which should be accomplished (Bass, 1990).  This was observed in how she did her work and the level of concern which she had for all people from the 17 campuses as well as how she valued the tasks which each individual was undertaking.  This led me to admire her leadership and more so to admire how she managed to achieve positive results without great struggle.

Observable Characteristics in my Leader.

            There are various characteristics and several accomplishment which I observed in her as a leader through how she was able to portray several leadership behaviors.  She was found to be honest, remaining straight-forward and having positive attitude, “it is what it is” approach to problems.  She has the mentality that, we will correct whatever the issue is moving forward and seldom blames anyone for letting things get out of compliance.  She has been with CEC for several years, first with the Internal Audit team and now as an SBU CVP, this person has been with this company during great times (when stock was $71+ per share and few regulatory issues) and during worst times (AIU Probation, numerous legal issues, and stock at all time low).  She has managed to stick with the company and see all the potential that the company has yet to reach.

            Great leaders have been identified to be ready to create certain ways to reach the required success. Bowman & Garten (2006) observed that leadership theory which explain about path-goal is one of the most applicable theories.  This theory has mentioned about how leaders should emphasis on getting some direction on what the subordinates should apply so as to accomplish any given task.  My leader applies participative leadership in her work where she always share information with all persons in the 17 campuses making sure that she consult whenever possible.

What I Expect from my Leader.

            In conclusion, after my critical observation of all these characteristics from my leader, I expect her to maintain her good standards and always improve on any shortcoming which she might experience.  Secondly, I expect her to always come up with a fair way of dealing with all situations which arise in the 17 campuses.  By achieving this, she will maintain the integrity levels which is observed in her leadership and this will assist her to grow in her career.

            I further expect her to ensure that she recognize and also gain from her successes and on the other hand to be able to learn from any mistakes she commits.  She should also appraise her performance to ensure that she is always doing the right thing.  I also expect her to train new people who can work in the same level as her so that she can inspire many others who would want to attain her standards.  These trainings should be used to help in guiding the individuals to achieve their expectations.

            Finally, I expect her to review all set objectives which are in her docket and come up with new plans where necessary.


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