Advantages and Disadvantages of Lowering the Voting Age to Thirteen

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The voting age in most nations is usually eighteen years (Grover 2011, p. 3). It was previously twenty one years but was later reduced to eighteen years after extensive discussions and disputes.

As individuals transition into adulthood, they are anticipated to possess the ability to analyze situations, engage in critical thinking, and ultimately make sound decisions. It is crucial to recognize that every decision carries its own set of outcomes, whether advantageous or harmful. Therefore, responsible adults must fully accept accountability for the consequences arising from their choices.

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Several states have established the minimum voting age as eighteen years, providing different justifications (Grover 2011, p. 3). Presently, there are active deliberations regarding the possibility of further reducing the voting age. Originally, there was contemplation of lowering it to sixteen years (Grover 2011, p.).

4) The ongoing discussion is centered around the potential reduction of the voting age from 18 to 13 years. This proposed change brings both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it would enable young people, who possess a distinct perspective, to participate in the electoral process.

As children mature, they often lose this distinct attribute. Nevertheless, this distinctiveness can cause them to support specific individuals who they believe will effectively address their concerns, unlike older adults who may be influenced by different factors (Grover 2011, p. 45). Furthermore, it is argued that young individuals as a whole have the ability to vote intelligently because they are capable of making sound independent decisions.

According to Grover (2011, p. 47), the current generation of youths is growing and maturing faster compared to previous generations. This accelerated growth and maturity can be attributed to various factors, one of which is their exposure to platforms that allow them to learn about the realities of life quickly. The media serves as one such platform.

Moreover, a higher voter turnout can lead to an increased number of votes for a candidate or political party. This provides an advantage to a particular party or candidate that focuses on the concerns of young individuals. Nonetheless, there are drawbacks associated with lowering the voting age to thirteen. Logically speaking, there are important choices that a thirteen year old might not have the capacity to make. Given the significance of voting decisions, they should not be left up to chance.

In simpler terms, thirteen year olds lack the necessary maturity to participate in such a significant undertaking (Grover 2011, p. 50). At this age, they have not yet experienced life and its complexities. Consequently, they are unable to comprehend the reasons behind certain occurrences and their limited ability to influence them.

Therefore, if someone fails to recognize the significance of voting (Grover 2011, p. 52), they might end up selecting a candidate based on faulty grounds. Some issues are highly significant for a thirteen-year-old, like video games.

If thirteen-year-olds were allowed to vote, they could potentially make decisions based on insignificant issues and lack the essential maturity. It is crucial to recognize that individuals at this stage still rely on parental or guardian guidance and support. Therefore, giving voting rights to thirteen-year-olds would be a substantial mistake.

The controversy surrounding the reduction of the minimum voting age to sixteen is a matter of great debate.

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