Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Absorption Costing Techniques

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This study is aimed at analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of following traditional soaking up costing or ABC in a chosen medium sized company of which I have been late appointed a junior helper direction place and supplies services to authorities organic structures. On this note I would be expected to place with account which method will be most suited in comparing to the other. So hence, I shall get down by speaking about the Traditional costing and what it involves after which the ABC will follow, the analysis and so the decision.


Method of bing a merchandise in which all fixed and variable costs ( nevertheless remote ) are apportioned to be Centres where they are accounted for ( absorbed ) utilizing soaking up rates. This method ensures that all incurred costs are recovered from the merchandising monetary value of a good or service, ( presuming the concluding monetary value is acceptable to the clients ) . ( CIMA, 2005 )

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This is the procedure of bing a merchandise whereby all costs ( both fixed and variable ) are apportioned to be Centres to be absorbed utilizing soaking up rates.

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Absorption Costing system has the following chief advantages / benefits:

It is used to fix fiscal histories

It shows less fluctuation in in net net income as fluctuation in gross revenues occur while the production stays the same

Fixed overhead costs are included in production

This method is accepted by Inland Revenue as stock is non undervalued ;

Higher income when production is above sale


Its accent on entire cost makes it hard to be used as a determination doing tool, i.e planning and control.

Cost associated with a certain period is in most instances allowed to blend up with those from other and for this ground, cost to activities, merchandises and services are non accurate.

Why the company needs Absorption Costing

Using this method ensures that all incurred costs are recovered from selling monetary value, with the premise that clients find the concluding monetary value acceptable and resources are consumed by merchandises or services.

ABC Costing

An attack to the costing and monitoring of activities which involves following resource ingestion and bing concluding end products. Resources are assigned to activities, and activities to be objects based on ingestion estimations. The latter utilise cost drivers to attach activity costs to end products. ( CIMA, 2005 )

This is a method of apportioning costs to services and merchandises, that takes history of indirect cost and is ideal as a planning and control mechanism.

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Activity based costing system has the following chief advantages / benefits:

It reflects in existent sense how work is carried out, in other words costs are attributed more accurately to merchandises and activities.

It encourages benchmarking as they information about profitableness is more clearly represented.

Operating expenses are shown in such a manner that they are easy to understand by everyone involved.

It encourages uninterrupted betterment in the direction procedure and facilitates deputation of determination devising.

It makes it easier to descry less productive activities ( job kid ) .

There are now ABC bing plans that are continuously developing ( e.g clearcost ) that are easy to utilize and hastens the procedure.


It requires a batch of money and attempt both in the introductory stage and during the cause of care.

It can be clip devouring to garner the information needed, entree and input into the system.

Because of the complexness of the informations produced by Activity based costing, directors when utilizing it as a determination doing tool can easy misinterpret and do dearly-won mistakes, and so must place what information is relevant for the determination they are about to do.

Some operating expenses ca n’t be easy assigned to the merchandises.

Most directors that use this method usage it partly i.e still implement the traditional system on the side.


As they operate in the populace sector, which is harmonizing to research and current figures that which largely embrace Abc in comparing to other sectors because the weight of benefits to be gained surpasses the loss and the demand for them to remain competitory and place clearly where most costs come from ( cost driver ) , as oppose to the traditional narrow accent on cost centres and sections, it will assist them pull off these costs more expeditiously to maximize net income or minimise costs.

Measure to take if the company was to present ABC as they presently have soaking up costing

There are five phases of ABC Costing ( EZINE ARTICLES, 2006 ) .

First measure is the designation of the merchandises and services

Then place all the resources and procedure needed required for the production of the goods and services along with the cost of each.

Identify cost drivers and set up activity cost pool.

Assign other costs to activities and calculate to be per out semen

Use all the information and information to work out entire costs of merchandises and services.

So hence for the company to successfully implement the ABC system, the have to do certain that the aims are made with minimal cost in head and with the most simpleness. There are some premises of the ABC system that could besides be considered:

Consumption should be a footing for finding of the theoretical account instead than disbursement

Although cost pools are variable, they should be homogeneous as good

The concern activities which in this instance is providing authorities organic structures must devour resources.

A wide mixture of activities can be identified and measured in any company, nevertheless devouring company resources can hold legion causes ( Schurenberg 2004 )

With all that being said, there is still a twosome of steps that need to be taken before the concern can accommodate this system of ABC. They need to put up cost Centres and allocate cost of their service, convert the accrual footing of accounting if utilizing hard currency footing. They should besides unify the Centres with existent life concern activities which they are involved in and non handle them as single entities. Absorption costing is in conformation with the SSAP9 on the rating of stocks ( ACCA Global 2010 )

Describe and explicate difference between the followers:

An Allotment.

This is the procedure by which direct operating expense costs are charged to the comparative cost Centres or cost units.

An Apportionment.

This means to distribute indirect grosss or costs over two or more cost units, Centres, histories or clip periods.

Furthermore it is sensible that they are associated to some extent in which the cost is incurred by single Centres. They must be clear and precise as to what the resources has been used for by the cost Centre.

Absorption Ratess.

A agency of imputing overhead to a merchandise or service, based for illustration on direct labor hours, direct labor cost or machine hours.

Cost unit soaking up rate: ( production cost Centre overhead/ figure of cost unit )

Machine hr overhead soaking up rate: ( production cost Centre overheads/ figure of machine hours )

Direct labour hr soaking up rate: ( production cost Centre overhead/ figure of labour hours )

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Describe and explicate the differences between ABC and Absorption Costing and show which is better:

Traditional soaking up bing system study distorted merchandise costs whenever the cost of non-volume related activities is of import, this system differs from ABC because it recognises activities which are unrelated by utilizing allotment bases that are separate ( DOPUCH, BIRNBERG, & A ; DEMSKI, 1974 ) .

However, Activity based costing takes soaking up bing one measure excess by trying to absorb fixed production operating expenses on a more relevant and right footing looking at each cost separately and seeing what drives or causes the cost to increase ( DOPUCH, BIRNBERG, & A ; DEMSKI, 1974 ) . One of the upper custodies in which ABC has is the manner the costs incurred are traced to services and merchandises harmonizing to the demand of the governmental organic structures. It gives direction a better apprehension of how overheads work and how they relate to the services they offer to the authorities. ( DRURY, 1988 ) . It besides facilitates the apprehension of the factors that drive each major activity. This system will presume that hard currency escapes are incurred to get a supply of resources to the authorities bodied which are so consumed by the activities ( DRURY, 1998 ) . Traditional has its grounds for being preferred by most directors because of its lucidity to stakeholders and whoever involved unlike the ABC which is more stashed with information and takes longer clip. However, my recommendation would stil be the ABC costing system as it is more technologically updated and besides uses the cryptography system to apportion costs instead than the traditional system.


After being said that ABC would be the most appropriate, it should besides be noted that it is a complex system that requires uninterrupted direction and reappraisal for its additions to be maximised. Cost direction is a core portion of concern activity. Merely delegating the drivers with the activities is non adequate attempt, as even thought this might turn out expensive, there is a batch to be achieved from the proper execution of this system as seen above.

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