Human Needs are a State of Perceived Deprivation

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The author argues that advertisers are often blamed for promoting materialism in society by making their products seem desirable. Marketers play an important role in promoting products to different segments of customers, and advertising is crucial in making products well-known. Advertisers often promote products as daily necessities, even though they are not, and create an illusion that everyone should have them to make their lives more convenient, comfortable, and luxurious. The iPhone from Apple Inc. is an example of a successful product that has been promoted as a legacy device, with the latest model becoming the best-selling smartphone in the world. Despite its high price, many people desire to own an iPhone due to the successful advertising done by Apple Inc.

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In my opinion, advertisers are often criticized for promoting a materialistic society through their efforts to make their products as appealing as possible. Nowadays, numerous companies have created a plethora of new products to fulfill various human needs, which refer to the state of lacking certain essentials such as food, drink, and clothing. Since everyone possesses different needs, marketers play a crucial role in advertising and selling various products that cater to the diverse needs of different customer segments.

Marketers promote their products to a specific target market through extensive advertising efforts. The objective is to attract and engage the intended audience by familiarizing them with the product. The more captivating the advertising, the greater its effectiveness in achieving widespread recognition for a product.

Many advertisers create ads that depict the product as essential for daily use, regardless of its actual necessity. These advertisements also suggest that everyone should possess at least one of the showcased products to enhance their lifestyle and display affluence. In our technologically advanced society, Apple Inc.’s iPhone has become a coveted trend sought after by numerous individuals.

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, effectively marketed the iPhone as an iconic device and achieved great success. Over time, several generations of iPhones have been launched, starting from the original model to the latest iPhone 5. Among these iterations, the iPhone 5 has become a best-selling smartphone worldwide, outperforming its rival, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This demonstrates Apple Inc.’s remarkable global advertising campaigns and their ability to generate strong consumer desire for owning their iPhones despite their higher price compared to other smartphones.

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