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African Heritage

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My ancestors migrated to the U.S because they came with Spanish explorers about 500 years ago. Together they opened up the land to European settlers. Even though they were excited to explore their new land, it wouldn’t be an easy life for them.

Within a century, they were bought and sold like animals. They were sold with other Africans who didn’t even speak the same languages. The white masters assumed that since they were all black and they would understand each other, but usually didn’t.

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African Heritage
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They were obviously treated terrible when they arrived here in America.

For hundreds of years, the history of Africans in the U.S has been a brave struggle against harsh treatment, unfair laws, and racism. They fought for racial equality and their rights as human beings. My people overcame slavery in 1863, but were still treated badly with the unfair laws. And finally, in 1964, segregation was finally ended.

My first hero is Earvin Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson is one of my heroes because, he is a very successful black man. Even though he fights against HIV he still has a very positive attitude. He helps people who have HIV also, while most people would run away from problems like that; Magic not only faces the issue, but conquers it.

My American hero is Malcolm X. Malcolm X is one of my heroes because, he did so much to overcome segregation. He tried so hard that it drove him to death. He was assassinated in 1965 while giving a speech. He has done so much to help my race overcome the bad treatment of the law. He is one of the reasons I can go to school with all races, and sit wherever I want on the bus.

My family hero is my dad Eddie Hunter. He is one of my heroes because, he is also a great black man. I look up to him a lot and he will always be there for me and provide for me. With him as my dad I know even though I am black and we have disadvantages sometimes, that I could make a big difference in the world.

One of the contributions blacks gave to America is.

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