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To what extent was Alexander II a Tsar liberator?




Words: 3209 (13 pages)

Alexander II introduced a number of reforms that were quite revolutionary for that period of time. Many historians therefore believe that Alexander II deserves the title “Tsar Liberator.” Views of Alexander II do, however, differ to a great extent. When regarding Alexander II, Saunders says, “His enthusiasm for change lasted a mere four years. It…

Europeanization as Changes in External Territorial Boundaries


Words: 1347 (6 pages)

Europeanization is an umbrella term much used to describe a series of changes undergone by countries to adhere to the European Union and generally increase their standards of living. However specialized economists have yet to reach a common definition of Europeanization, the process ought to be analyzed from the perspective of the five major changes…

Catherine the Great Achievements to Louis the 14


International Relations


Words: 869 (4 pages)

Catherine the Great in my opinion was an absolute monarch. I will now give a quick overview and timeline of Catherine the Great to show some of her achievements. She was born in 1729 in what is now Strettin Poland into the family of Prince Christian August, Catherine was christened Sophia Augusta Frederica. At the…

Summary of Parmalat-Europe’s Enron


Words: 430 (2 pages)

Parmalat Finanziara, the Italian dairy and food giant, is fast joining Enron and WorldCom as a household name for corporate scandal. The alleged financial fraud at Parmalat spans more than a decade and involves sums whose estimates have ballooned from EUR 4 billion to more than EUR 8 billion. Founder, chairman, and chief executive Calisto…

Slobodan Milosevic Is a Yugoslav Politician and Statesman



International Relations

Words: 1456 (6 pages)

“I wouldnt mind if they needed to take Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic out,” said Chris Walter, 23, a college student living in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I felt the same way about Saddam Hussein. I think the longer you keep the problem around, the sooner it is going to come back and bite you.”From the Washington…

1066: the Year of the Conquest


Middle Ages


Words: 1239 (5 pages)

David Howarth’s, “1066: The Year Of The Conquest” Harold of England and William of Normandy were both rulers of great countries, so it stands to reason that they had some similarities in common. They both new how to lead, and they both knew how to survive in a feudal system. That is about where their…

The Jesuits situation in Europe


Words: 1168 (5 pages)

Although the Counter-Reformation can only be understood as a diverse movement, it is above all the Society of Jesus (better known as the Jesuits) which came to dominate it, and in many ways personify it. The most prominent of the new orders, the Jesuits stood by the motto ad majorem dei gloriam (to the greater…

The causes of the Dutch revolt against Spain




Spanish Empire

Words: 392 (2 pages)

As the religious wars consumed Europe, the ‘invasion’ of Philip II aroused rebellious feelings on both political and religious grounds–as the majority of the Netherlands were Protestant and Phillip and his Spaniards were emphatically Catholic. In 1 566, a “league” was formed to counter the Spanish influence and their petition to Spain to forgo the…

The Golden Age of European Growth Sample


Words: 1575 (7 pages)

Europe was economically in rags following World War II. as a consequence of extra disbursement. the loss of work force and the devastation of its’ industrial installations due to bombing during the war. Despite these inexorable fortunes. the economic systems in western Europe surged during the old ages from 1948-1973 in an epoch that has…

Multilingualism and European Commission



Words: 836 (4 pages)

About 250 million years ago, Pang?a the supercontinent was split up and eventually settled on the current continental configuration. As civilization flourished, the inhabitants developed their own language and culture on each continent. However, trading and getting along with the neighboring communities forced many groups to learn more than their mother tongue. This pragmatic use…

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