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Air France Case Study

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  • Pages 3
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    Air France provides commercial flights to customers within the airline industry. Since 2006 new trends emerging suggest that this industry will reach its breakeven point of 500 million dollars. This is due partly to the fast growth rate of international travel and in the price for economy tickets (7. 4%). Air France along with other airlines is uniquely suited to utilize direct online sales through e-commerce because of the fact that travel is an intangible product. With more households in the United States gaining access to broadband internet, each company within the airline industry can reach more consumers on a level playing field.

    Analysis of the structure and content of the company’s Web site helps to maximize readability of the contents of the site, where it seems one of the most important technological parts of the site, such as structure of the URL, and Web server settings, information architecture, usability site, and text content. Increasing the number of companies toward to design keyword lists to link consists of the titles, and the fee depends on the number of times where you clicked on one of the main ads.

    That may lead to reduce the size of running a search engine where should advertising is more appropriate for keywords. Today the largest search engines, extensive campaigns of the word seeking to be exact according to geographic target which has been now become much easier. The use of such strategies can be measured easily on the Internet, the main goal in the future is to improve the income of the main development in the future and reduce the cost-per-click, an increase in bookings, and improve the overall performance of the engine.

    Google is among the best choices but has the highest cost associated with its service. In order for Google to be a profitable choice Air France must make a strong impression in order to improve conversion rates which will depend on the selection of critical keywords. Expanding field to use branded and unbranded clicked keywords at a single time where that can be a good solution option for Media Contacts help bring more revenue, that lead to provide a hug proportion of the one-click conversions, so should focus more on that keyword strategy.

    Air France should try to do partnership with other online travel booking sites and can maximize their revenue and to increase its reach and search, focus on which search engine will deliver the most value like Google. This company seeks to provide solutions and strategies to deal with a number of research and technology providers and the media. Where experts and specialists can determine the budgets and time frames, cost per thousand select, cost-per-click, cost per action pricing models. Google, Yahoo and MSN must be used for unique SEO/SEM campaigns and a customized approach must be developed for each in order to maximize performance.

    This is because each has a distinct search format, different CPC rate, and booking probability. The highest cost per click is seen with Google (global and U. S) and MSN (U. S). Currently the majority of funding is spent on Google which does not correlate with the highest probability of booking. The solution is to drop high CPC campaigns with negative ROA and adjust bid strategy accordingly. MSN (global) and Yahoo! (U. S) have a lower cost per click and a higher probability of booking. It is recommended that you increase funding to purchase additional keywords.

    If MSN (Global) impressions are increased to 500,000 than Air France would see ticket sales increase by 250% which is a net revenue increase of 340,000. When impressions double to 1,000,000 than ticket sales increase by 600% with revenues increased by 800,000 dollars. Overture, global and U. S, have the highest booking probability compared to price per click. It is recommended that Air France improve the search and site copy. When CTR (click through rate) is improved by 4% within Overture (U. S) ticket sales increase to 1942.

    Graphs. We need one graph that shows the Average Cost per Click for all websites and the average probability of booking. CPC is about 1. 49 Avg probability of booking is about 0. 0100% If avg probability of booking was X-axis and Cost per Click was Y axis than a scatter plot could be made to show where Google, MSN Overture and Yahoo fall. We need a Pie Chart of Bookings by Publisher Google US=39% Google Global = 20% Yahoo US=17% MSN GLOBAL =3% MSN US 4% Overture global = 10% Overture US = 7% We also need to fit in Kayak.

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    Air France Case Study

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