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Essays about Spain

A Brief History of Spain

Phoenicians began colonizing Spain. Modern cities such as Cádiz and Málaga were founded by the Phoenicians around this time. The Carthaginians conquered much of Spain. Spain became an important part of the Roman Empire following the Punic Wars. The Visigoths completed their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. The Moors conquered most of Spain. Many Spaniards …

The Shadow out of Spain — Part 4

Maybe, in the heat of evening, comes a wind from Mexico, Laden with the heat of seven Hells, And the rattler in the yucca and the buzzard dark and slow Hear and understand the grisly tales it tells. – Robert E. Howard, “The Grim Land” (AMTF1.178; CL2.218-219) From 1930 until his death, H. P. Lovecraft …

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The Shadow out of Spain — Part 2

I, personally, think it very likely that the Celtiberians of Spain were closely allied to the Gaels, and possibly themselves ancestors of the Irish and Scotch. — Robert E. Howard to H. P. Lovecraft, 1 Jul 1930 (AMTF 19, CL2.53) In their first few letters, Howard and Lovecraft spent considerable time on Gaelic history, a …

The Shadow out of Spain — Part 1

The people saw upon his wrists the scars of the racks of Spain. – Robert E. Howard, “Solomon Kane’s Homecoming” One of the unique aspects of the correspondence between Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft is their relative openness and closeness of views—or at least prejudices—on race. None of Lovecraft’s other correspondents quite shared …

Discuss the causes of the Dutch revolt against Spain Sample

Although the Low States possessed no other individuality other than disconnected provinces that were “owned” ( or controlled ) by the dukes of Burgundy. and in this. when called upon to direct delegates to an estates general. the seeds of coaction were placed. As Phillip II entered the scene with his straight-out foreign Spanish influence …

Candelaria Nature Preserve

Araw Ng Candelaria 2008 admin November 15, 2011 Maliwanag administration kicked off the 5-day celebration of Araw Ng Candelaria 2008 with this year’s theme HALINA SA CANDELARIA, BAYANG MASAYA. A Thanksgiving Mass was held to bless the affair ensued with the Opening Parade with all sectors of society in their Filipiniana outfit, truly the people …

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