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The Shadow out of Spain — Part 2


Words: 5551 (23 pages)

  In their first few letters, Howard and Lovecraft spent considerable time on Gaelic history, a favorite subject for Howard (cf. CL2.4-5), with Howard holding that they had come up through Spain. (AMTF1.18-19, 22, 29, 33, 36; CL2.53, 56, 62, 65-66) The conversation drifted at one point to the possibility of Egyptian influence on the…

Essay About Spain’s Wealth


Words: 507 (3 pages)

Greetings delegates, Thank you for responding to our request and helping make a deal to benefit both of us, so thank you to South Africa, Japan, Netherlands, France, China, and Turkey. Are globalt to happen in poorer countries. problem is water crisis in some countries it is really bad for instant little kids in africa drink…

Behind the Imagery of Lorca’s Romance Sonambulo




Words: 987 (4 pages)

Verde que te quiero verde. Green, how I want you green. Thus begins the powerful scene in Lorca’s poem Romance Sonambulo. First-time readers would see unfolding for them the passion of a man longing for his “gypsy maiden by the balcony”, with the “green flesh, green hair and eyes of cold silver”. The poem, however,…

PESTLE Analysis of Andorra

European Union



Words: 2578 (11 pages)

PESTLE analysis a useful tool for understanding the ‘big picture’ of the environment in which an organisation is operating and is the abbreviation for – Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. PESTLE analysis is a useful tool for understanding risks associated with market (the need for a product or service) growth or decline, and…

Analysis of Cortes y Malinche




Words: 1624 (7 pages)

Analysis of Cortes y Malinche             In the painting by Jose Clemente Orozco, entitled Cortes y Malinche, a white (or Mexican) man and an Indian woman sit on what appears to be a throne while an Indian man lies, presumably dead, at their feet.  There are several elements at work within this painting, the most…

The Shadow out of Spain — Part 1


Words: 3334 (14 pages)

The people saw upon his wrists the scars of the racks of Spain. – Robert E. Howard, “Solomon Kane’s Homecoming” One of the unique aspects of the correspondence between Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft is their relative openness and closeness of views—or at least prejudices—on race. None of Lovecraft’s other correspondents quite shared…

Life of Spanish Artist Francisco Goya




Visual Arts

Words: 1961 (8 pages)

Through his art, Francisco Goya relayed his feelings toward the political unrest that plagued Spain during his lifetime. As an artist of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Goya lived through a time of political and social upheaval, especially throughout Europe. At the time, the ideas of the Enlightenment had captivated the minds of…

Why Did Phillip II Launch The Armada

Catholic Church





Spanish Empire

Words: 440 (2 pages)

Why did Phillip II launch the Armada and why did it neglect? In the summer of 1588. the Catholic male monarch of Spain. Phillip II. came up with a program to suppress Protestant England. He would roll up his ground forces from the Netherlands and a immense fleet of 130 ships across the channel. with…

Solomon Kane’s Timeline — Part Three




Spanish Empire

Words: 2534 (11 pages)

1583 — The beginning of “The Moon of Skulls” describes how Solomon Kane comes at last to Negari. He finds Marylin Taferal alive. She is now eighteen. The story describes her as “only a girl, little more than a child” but that may be Kane’s sentimental response. Eighteen was reckoned fully a woman in Elizabethan…

Filipinos revolts against spain



Words: 659 (3 pages)

Filipinos love Freedoms Filipinos rebelled! Unhappy that’s what I feel like the Filipinos feeling when they are under the Spaniards. When I read again this chapter, I feel I’m one of them I’m in that time and place when the revolt against Spain Is held. Fighting too. This Is the causes of Revolts: 1. Love…

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How do you describe Spain?
Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula to the south of France and Andorra and to the east of Portugal. ... Spain's capital and largest city is Madrid, and the country is known for its long history, unique culture, strong economy, and very high living standards.
What is special about Spain?
Spain is famous for its easy-going culture, delicious food and stunning scenery. Major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia all offer unique traditions, languages and must-see sites! Vibrant festivals such as La Fallas and La Tomatina draw huge crowds of both locals and tourists. Flamenco is more than a dance, however. It's a UNESCO-declared art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain.

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