Amadeus Movie Review

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The rubric of the film should really be “Salieri” . because the whole film is truly about his green-eyed monster of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and how Salieri was overshadowed musically by Mozart. In the beginning. Salieri makes a “deal” with God so He will do Salieri a musical mastermind. and Salieri believes he has been granted this gift until the twenty-four hours Mozart comes to Vienna. Salieri instantly becomes covetous that God has bestowed upon Mozart the power he himself worked so urgently to accomplish. From that point on. Salieri becomes obsessed with cabaling against Mozart. at one point paying a amah to travel to Mozart’s topographic point to descry while she is cleaning and describe back to him. Finally. though indirectly. Salieri kills Mozart.

The major subject in this film is the green-eyed monster of Salieri. and how it consumed his every waking idea. It is slightly cheerless because it besides shows all the difficult work of Salieri with no success and the easiness of Mozart’s ability when to him composing music is rather easy.

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Though the secret plan is reasonably realistic. it is non wholly historically accurate. Mozart was even more boisterous and infantile than portrayed in the movie. and the stoping is dramatized for the “Hollywood consequence. ” The playing though. is really good done. Director Milos Forman did a great occupation directing F. Murray Abraham ( Salieri ) and Tom Hulce ( Mozart ) to stardom. They make the two and 30 minutess of wigs. wigs. opera. and more wigs endurable. Together they bring the Ag screen alive and take us from our epoch into that of Mozart really seamlessly.

The sets are astonishing. with great attending to detail and depth. The scenes where the operas take topographic point are really good put up. and they fit in nicely with the clip period. The costumes. excessively. are rather the effort. The many beds ( of the women’s costumes particularly ) look highly complicated to do. and the scene at the party where Mozart plays the piano inverted show windows these costumes attractively. I don’t know if I am more impressed by the interior decorators or the histrions and actresses who wore them because they look so hot! The wigs are a specifying portion of the costumes in the movie.

The most dramatic grounds these are so appealing and dramatic are that they are so large and about appallingly white. Some of the Women’s wigs are even topped with a immense chapeau to fit the frock or some other alien object. If you don’t watch this film for any other ground. watch it for the costumes. The make-up creative person did a good occupation. but nil spectacular or deserving highlighting. There aren’t many particular effects. so adding some in there may hold made the film that much more gratifying.

Overall. I give the film 1 ? stars. because the histrions truly knew their material but the secret plan wasn’t all that entertaining. I think the best portion overall was Mozart’s laugh. and the soundtrack was truly really gratifying. I recommend this movie to those who wish to larn more about Salieri. and non Mozart. because the film doesn’t truly concentrate much on him. Rent this movie if you have perfectly nil else to make on a Saturday dark but you likely won’t be able to complete watching it unless you’re a major cultural history drug addict. Other than that. a note to the intended audiences ( like I said. the civilization gurus ) : enjoy! To the insouciant motion-picture fan who likes action or love affair: beware- you likely won’t be able to watch the whole 160 proceedingss of Amadeus.

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