American Dream: Accessibility vs. Achievability

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“The American Dream” phrase was coined in 1931, used to describe why people what to come to America or what they want to achieve in America. However, the American Dream Is difficult, almost rarely achieved. Many have access to It but do not fulfill their entire goal they wished to accomplish. Some say It Is forever happiness, other say It Is money. Whatever their dream may be, It Is all Just a game of success of the fortunate.

First of all, the American Dream can be accessible but not achievable In he sense It all depends on traits you can’t change or manipulate. A person Is born with the characteristics they will have for the rest of their lives, not changeable. Wealth the real world, racial delimitation has led to a large effect to peoples American Dreams, solely base on the color of their skin. For example, In “The American Dream is Still Just a Dream for Molesters”, “applicants with White sounding names’ received 50 percent more responses from companies than their black- sounding counterparts with equal credentials”(Deutsche ‘1 9).

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These statistics by homeless show blacks have a more difficult time getting a job, let alone achieve their American Dream. Blacks don’t have a choice of their skin color. Some of the hard working black people are not given the correct amount of respect because of the stereotype that has been placed on them, and this goes for every race. However, some may not even attempt to access America and never get near their American Dream, if they have one. In North Korea, it is a very rough situation for many of the citizens.

This is mainly centered on the fact North Koreans are not allowed to “talk to suitors from other countries or go on the Internet to find out what the rest of the world is like, let alone leave their country to travel to any other”(Urban 3). If you cannot acquire access to America, an American Dream cannot be achieved. Another factor of the difficulty to achieve American Dream is how determined one is to accomplish their dream. If a person is not motivated to succeed, they wont. Throughout Martin Luther King Jar. ‘s speech, “The Negro and the American Dream,” his message was to tell black people to stand up and fight for their rights.

The people coming here may not know the stereotypes about them and never fully finish their goal. Yes, they might be content and satisfied, but not complete. Here we have Dolores Kessler, “she started her company Just to survive and retired a -title). To many and in my opinion, she surpassed her dream. But, the truth is, she was very wise with her money and somewhat lucky. How many cases like this one have you heard of throughout history? Even today, “for millions, fame and fortune” may be what they hoped for but “to them, financial survival equals success”(Levin ‘1 6).

I interviewed my mom because she was an immigrant searching for her American Dream with a young child. She was a special-deed teacher in Poland and wanted to continue he passion. But, after arriving in America with this expectation, her certificate for teaching was “invalid. ” She did not have enough money to go to college again nor did she have the will with her daughter. She had to go on anyway and try to make do with what she had, like many others. Finally, some people struggle achieving the American Dream, even though they have immediate access to America.

For example, within the poem “America,” the author states, “and inks into my throat her tiger’s tooth, stealing my breath of life,”(McKay 1921). Here, Claude is saying that America has been through rough times and this has taken a toll on her people. All Americans, regardless of wealth, race, or background, suffered from the stock market crash in 1929. The Great Depression were one the worst times in America and many of the people during that time had no chance of achieving their dream. In the real word, a person born in a very poor family has little to no opportunity to reach his goal in life compared too person in a well-off family.

It all upends on how reasonable their American Dream is in relationship with their current state of health, mind, and wealth. The American Dream can be viewed as a concept, a reality, a goal, or a dream. It all depends on how you look at it. Mainly everything involving the American Dream changes with every way it is seen as. It can alter with factors about you can’t change, from racism, and sheer will to accomplish what you want. The American Dream is a way to show that people believe in America. They want to be successful by coming here and playing luck of the draw. Will you “achieve” your Dream?

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