Immigrants and American Dream

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There are a lot of things that we remember from our childhood, things we cannot explain, things we can barely remember and things we don’t want to remember. Imagine waking up in place you have never seen before with people you have never met. That was one thing my parents had to go through to reach the American dream. I remember seeing my parents would wake up early in the morning to work just so i could have a roof over my head and something to eat. This has motivated me to pursue a higher education, but it also changes the way one sees an immigrant.

Many people don’t take the time to get to know an immigrant, they go with what’s based off the media. They think immigrants are what’s wrong with our country, however I believe that immigrants are what make this country great. As far as I could remember, my parents would wake at 5 a.m to go to work. They would drop us off with a babysitter, and if they couldn’t find a babysitter then my mom would put her job at stake to take care of us. My parents are the best example I know of what a hard working immigrant is. My parents have taught and showed me a very good work ethic, they are what inspired me to pursue a higher education.

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My family came to this country with nothing, only the clothes they have on their backs. When people have never met an immigrant before they start to have a perspective that all they do is mooch and steal American jobs. However I can personally say that it’s all a myth. Immigrants are the people who start small businesses, which is important to our country because they help create jobs and boost our economy. In Evodio’s story he talks about how he overcame the system. He went from working at many jobs to creating many jobs for others. “Thanks to Evodio and his hard work and encouragement, all are contributing citizens of whom we should be proud.”(interactions 277).

In this quote it’s talking about how he affected the lives of his daughters and how they became successful and went on to a university. Immigrants do have a positive impact on our country. Just like Evodio inspired his daughter he could could inspire many other people as well. My parents have also became a huge inspiration to my life. I know what they go through being an immigrant and that inspires me to become a better person and motivates me to stay in school. They have come so far in life. My dad went from working at smith’s roofing to becoming the foreman/supervisor. My mom went from working in the fields and packing houses to having her own house cleaning business. If they accomplished this without going to school and without having a degree, what could I accomplish if I graduated college and graduated from a university. Much more opportunities would open.

Both my parents and Evodio aspired for the American Dream, they reached it, but it wasn’t easy for them. They went through thing they wouldn’t want their kids to go through. They both had a huge impact on the lives of their families and the lives of others. So I believe that every immigrant in this country whether good or bad can have a positive impact. Many would say no due to the fact of the media, but I personally know immigrants and no one could change my mind on what I believe.

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