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American Dream Boat

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In the essay “American Dream Boat” by K. Oanh Ha, the author says that intercultural relationships are generally a good thing as long as the families of both partners compromise. Ha, was a Vietnamese girl who came to America with the “Boat People” when she was six years old. She then changed her name to Kristine and became Americanized. In college, she met a Caucasian American named Scott. They fell in love and got engaged. She decided to visit Vietnam to reconnect to her roots, but while she was there, her grandmother passed away.

According to Vietnamese tradition, Ha couldn’t get married during the mourning period, which was three years.

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American Dream Boat
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However, Ha and Scott’s family decided to compromise. Scott’s family brought traditional gifts in order to fulfill the traditions of a Vietnamese wedding ceremony while Ha’s family decided to let her get married without having to wait three years. I believe that intercultural relationships like Ha’s are generally a good thing as long as the families accept and respect each other’s culture and traditions.

Support from family is extremely important in a relationship. In the story “ The Little Mermaid”, Ariel, who is a mermaid, falls in love with Prince Eric, who is a human.

Ariel wants to go on land and become a human being but her father forbids her from having any contact with the barbaric fish-eating world. He stops Ariel every time he finds out she has tried to leave the sea. She is so in love with Price Eric that she makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula in exchange for human legs. Despite the obstacles she has to face, Ariel finally finds Prince Eric. Ariel’s father realizes how much Eric loves Ariel so he approves of their relationship even though Eric is a human. Ariel marries Eric in a wedding that both humans and mermaids attend.

Both sides of the family accept each other’s life style and culture. Ariel’s father then turns Ariel into a human being and allows her to stay on land to live with Eric. They live happily ever after. Acceptance of one’s identity and background is essential in order to have a successful relationship. In another story “Aladdin”, Princess Jasmine falls in love with a street-urchin named Aladdin. Princess Jasmine’s father finds out Jasmine has snuck out to the marketplace in order to see Aladdin and finds it ridiculous. He keeps Jasmine away from Aladdin by locking her in he palace. He disapproves of their relationship because Aladdin is a thief and not a Prince. In the end, after Aladdin proves to her father how much he cares for and loves Jasmine, the king accepts Aladdin’s background and allows them to marry each other. This proves that with the approval of the family members, a relationship is more likely to work out. Family plays an important role in a relationship. In the movie “Twilight”, Bella, who is a human, falls in love with Edward, who is a Vampire. Edward’s family doesn’t approve of this forbidden love because Bella is a human.

However, Edward’s deep love for Bella makes Edward’s family realize how much Edward and Bella love each other and decide to accept that she is a human. In the end, they approve of their relationship and they get together. An intercultural relationship can bring a good life as long as the parents or families of both partners are open and accept their differences. In order for a relationship to work, the families of both partners have to make compromises. If they accept and respect each other’s identities and cultural differences, the relationship can be successful.

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American Dream Boat. (2017, Feb 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/american-dream-boat/

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