My First Boat Ride

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The author recalls their first experience riding on a boat when they were eight years old. They were nervous and excited but quickly got into their swimsuit and grabbed sunscreen. The family loaded up the boat with towels, food, and equipment for water sports. They rode around, tubed, skied, and swam before stopping for lunch. They spent time with their family and got a tan before doing more water sports. Finally, they brought the boat back to the dock, cleaned up, and went home. The author enjoyed spending time with their family and wants to go on a boat again.

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When I was eight my parents bought a boat and I got to go on my first boat ride I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I’ve never was on a boat before. We loaded up the boat with all of our drinks, towels, food and things we would need such as ropes to ski and tube with. I got my swim suit on as quick as I possibly could and I grabbed my towel and jumped into the truck along with my sunscreen so I wouldn’t get burnt.

We got to the boat launch and put the boat in the water, parked our truck and I jumped in the boat with the rest of my family as quick as I could. I rode around for a while, after tubing, skiing and a little of swimming I finnaly got to stop to eat lunch that we had made for the day. I spent a lot of time with my family and laid in the sun to get a little tan jumped in the water to cool off, I once again put more sunscreen on and we were off. After a little more riding, tubing and skiing I was ready to go home.

We brought the boat back to the dock and loaded it up on the trailer to bring. Atlast we were home and we put the boat back in the parking spot, unloaded the boat, cleaned up a little and we were ready to go inside and relax on this fun filled day. At the end of the day I sat on the couch and realized what a day I had. I got to spend quality family time, had a good lunch. My family and I had a lot of fun with our water sports. I would love to go back out on the boat sometime it is a lot of fun and very relaxing.

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