American Dream Synthesis

When you come to America you are automatically thinking it’s some paradise and that you’re about to live and fulfill the “America Dream”. The American Dream was probably developed in the US by someone coming to America and was able to get an education, a job, and create a good life for themselves. It seems that now the American Dream isn’t how is used to be, you don’t have equal opportunities, not everyone can go to school, and if you fail at something you’re looked down upon. My personal definition of the American Dream is that when you’re coming to America you’re expecting to have all these opportunities and make a life for yourself that’s safe and where you will be treated equal and like a human being no matter where you come from. Personally, I think that the American Dream is accessible to those who are able to have a good life and push themselves to take chances and all opportunities that come at them. But it’s not accessible to those who think that failure is a dirty word and when they fail they just give up and everyone including themselves loses hope. Also to those who can’t even get these opportunities because of their parents or where they come from.

When people are living the American Dream, you think that failure is out of the questions, if you fail you can’t live your dreams, or anything and that you should just give up. “The Right to Fail” by William Zinesser proves that the American Dream is accessible even if/when you fail once or even multiple times. The text says, “Release him from the pressure of attaining certain goals by a certain age- he has a good chance of becoming g our national idol.” This supports my claim because it shows that is you’re pressured, you can’t do what you should and when you are calm and relaxed, so many possibilities can happen and you can be whoever you want. “They Live the Dream,” by Dan Rather explains how if you fail, don’t give up and that when something really bad happens if you don’t give up, you can still live your dream. The article talks about a guy, named Oscar Acosta, was an amazing pitcher and had everything he could dream for but, “when a torn rotator cuff ended his patching career, his life spiraled out of control,” and he had,” just given up,” but he did make it to the majors as a pitching coach. This quote supports my claim by how the text represents that when you have every thing that you’ve ever wanted in your grasp, anything can happen and it can all be taken away from you instantly but if you don’t give up, many possibilities and opportunities can be achieved.

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Where you come from doesn’t define you or the amount of succession you will earn and receive what you make of your life is your choice and don’t give up when you fail. “The Keynote Address,” which was a speech given by Barack Obama in 2004 supports my claim because Obama speaks about how he got there, his family, and his origin. He had to have fail so many times to actually become president but it’s apparent that he didn’t give up or else he wouldn’t be the president. The excerpt says, “Barack, or “blessed,” believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success,” and, “eradicate the slander that says a black youth with a book is acting white.” He grew up not so wealthy but still received significant education. Although he was “acting white” reading a book he had to ignore it because at least he is getting an education. Also his name, family, and origin shouldn’t be what completely make a person or their decisions/ opportunities.

The American Dream is accessible to those who will fail but push themselves to do better but not accessible to those who give up after failing and lose hope in themselves and others. When you fail at something that’s important that doesn’t exactly mean that you should give up because if you keep pushing yourself to well then you can pursue your dreams. If you’re born into a family that isn’t wealthy or perfect or you are a certain race or religion that does not define what you do with your life. The American Dream can be accessible and achievable you just shouldn’t let society or your origin define who you are and what dreams you have.

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