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This statement should answer the following questions: What? To whom? Why? (2 marks) To justify and recommend a plan for Board members to bring in new ammunitions technology which can enhance company communication. 2. Describe the target audience for this report. Be specific. (1 mark) The target audience for this report are the Board members, which consists of the Chairperson, bankers, lawyers, and fund managers. 3. Describe at least two things that your readers likely already know about this topic.

Be specific. (2 marks) Video conferencing allows you to communicate more effectively and personally with business contacts around the world. Video conferencing saves company time and money by not having to send an employee o another city/town/or country. 4. Write five different points that relate to the topic. Use complete sentences. (5 marks) Using new technology gives easier access to your colleagues who could be maneuvered in the world.

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Using video conferencing can bring travel costs down considerably by not having to pay for flights, fuel, hotel, and other travel expenses. Video conferencing can increase productivity by making it quick and easy to get in touch with someone that you would normally need to travel to see. There are a variety of different video conferencing systems, which makes it ass to choose the one that works for your company’s needs and budget. If your company wants to try and be environmentally friendly video conferencing can help cut your carbon footprint by reducing travel. 5.

Indicate whether you plan to write an informational report or an analytical report that is persuasive in nature for the Management Group, and give the reasons you prefer one type of report type over the other. (2 marks) plan to write an analytical report because the Board members will need to be persuaded into purchasing new technology and would also probably appreciate any recommendations that will be given. 6. Explain whether you plan to use a direct pattern or an indirect pattern to structure your report, and give the reasons you prefer one pattern over the other. 2 marks) I will be using the indirect pattern. The reason for using the indirect pattern is that I want to persuade the Board members and to do this having the conclusion and recommendation at the end is best this way they will have the chance to read the research and learn about the topic before anyone makes a decision. 7. Indicate whether you plan to use a letter, memo, or manuscript format to write this report, and give the reasons you prefer one format over another. 2 marks) Manuscript format is the way I will be writing my report.

A report directed towards Board members should be written in a formal way that makes it easy for them to follow. Letter and memo are too informal and don’t give a straightforward easy to follow layout. 8. Explain whether you plan to use a formal or informal writing style for this report. Explain your choice. (2 marks) I will be using the formal writing style. This is so that it can be kept on an impersonal level and the reader will be able to form an unbiased decision. 9. State whether you should rely on primary and secondary data (or just one yep of data and information source) to complete this report.

Explain your choice. (2 marks) Secondary data is probably best for this topic, particularly electronic databases. Video conferencing is such a wide and relatively new topic there should be many different resources online to help with research. Online databases should also have up to date information on the topic and allows for multiple sources as opposed to just one. For Marker’s Use: Part 1 Subtotal: Part 2 Research and Organize (Questions 10 to 13) 20 marks Refer as needed to the material in Chapters 12 and 13 of the textbook.

Keep the allowing tips in mind as you research data, as well as organize, analyze, interpret, and illustrate these data: Use the Internet, Databases University Library, or your local library to search for information about video conferencing. Do not use Infract, the textbook publisher’s search engine, for this report. Databases University does not provide technical support for this service. Gather relevant information about the five points you wrote about in Part 1, question 4 in the form of articles, Web site material, or other literature.

In other words, collect five sources of literature on this subject. Focus specifically on information that can help you identify the problem you need to inform your audience about?that is to say, the value of investing in video conferencing. Questions/Tasks 10. Describe key aspects of this information using complete sentences. In addition, explain how this information is relevant to the report you plan to write. (5 marks) Video conferencing allows for companies to hold recruitment interviews with candidates from across the country or around the world.

It can help companies to become environmentally friendly, since they aren’t traveling as much it reduces their carbon footprint. By not having to travel to and from meetings it helps to cut company travel expenses by not having to pay for flights, vehicles, and accommodation. Even though the first initial purchase and set up of the video conferencing may be expensive compared to what you would be paying long term for travel it brings down all costs quite a bit which is important in the current economic climate.

It helps productivity by not having to waste time traveling or waiting around for colleagues to show up or reply to an email, video conferencing makes it easy to have conversations and share data all at once. There are a variety of programs to choose from to fit your company’s requirements. This information is relevant to the report because all of these points help to show the benefits of investing in video conferencing. 11. Cite these five sources of information in PAP style. Refer to pages B-4 and B-5 in Appendix B at the end of your textbook. (5 marks) David Belle (2009).

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