People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology Argumentative Essay

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People have become overly dependent on technology. Although technology has pros and cons. The impact of technology on us as people could be shown in various ways. Also technology has changed our society in many different ways. Technology helps us to produce goods more quickly. Technology surrounds us everywhere. People are exposed to it some way or another. There is no escape from it. We use technology at all times like for example we awake with the sound of our alarm, we look at the time, we check our emails and networking sites, we get calls or messages and we use the microwave to heat up our food.

Technology does allow us to do so many more things that on the past couldn’t be done. A couple of years ago life was harder because technology wasn’t involved too much as now. Life has come way easier than before because of all this new technology. They didn’t have computers to research for any types of research papers they would have to use books and encyclopedias to get information. It was harder for people they didn’t have microwaves, cellphones, internet, or cars they will have to walk or ride horses.

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Technology runs the world we can no longer get the town on a horse we all depend on technology. Technology on jobs is easier now a day too. For example at the supermarkets many stores have been automated. Many clerks have been replaced with automated machines. Technology saves people’s lives. Without technology it would have been really hard for doctors to now what’s happening with their patients. So many diseases are cured through the uses of advanced electronics. Doctor’s now get to places in the human body that they could never get there before.

One of the main reasons for all the change since the 50’s is the advances in technology. It’s actually awesome how far technology has come since the 50’s. With technology now we have the world at our fingertips. It has changed by the way we learn, the workplace, school, and it has taken over our lives. It provides us with fast means of communication it speeds up our work, makes us smarter, and keeps us more organized. Technology allows people to advertise products and a lot of people could work from home or study from home.

Technology has disadvantages too. It takes away jobs, affects our social skills, and that we have become too dependent on technology. What we have learned is affected by technology too because in the old days the high school diploma was a great accomplishment and now the high school diploma is considered low class. Education has changed to adapt with the changing of the world. As the internet becomes our primary source of information a lot people won’t read books no more so this is affecting our ability to read books and other long narratives.

Technology provides us with shortcuts and easy ways out. Actually technology has totally invaded our everyday life. People are getting too dependent on technology for instance at home we are surrounded by technology. We use television to watch the news. Students are always at the computers or phones to work or study because without them their tasks were of been much harder. Within the 21st century cell phones have become a must have because of their ability to gain access to the web like email, Facebook, news, bank accounts, messages, and a lot of information.

Technology has made communication even better by connecting with people easier and maintaining tasks simple and obtaining knowledge faster than before. In a survey 28 percent of the people said they wouldn’t be able to live without high speed internet. Children are hiding behind a TV or video games. Technology has improved our traditional tasks. Since the fall of 1970 the pursuit of college has increased from 8, 581 students to 20,428 since the fall in 2009. Education has developed into a network avenue which that makes higher education.

The military uses technology to monitor our nation against national threats and education is needed to obtain a good salary. Without education people won’t do anything about their lives. They would need technology so they could make their lives easier. Technology is not bad in itself but we the people of the 21st century are misusing it. Technology is now rising, making our lives a lot easier. More and more people are relying on information from the Internet. 51 % of the people agreed that we are becoming too dependent on technology and 49 % don’t.

With the introduction of technology in schools, teachers, are also benefited. The internet is increasingly getting better. For example there is now website were teachers post the assignments to the students and students could ask questions about the work. Young people are obsessed with their technology until the point they will rather lose one of their most important things than to lose Facebook, cellphones, and the internet. Being dependent on technology has negative and positive effects to education.

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