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The essay discusses the concept of true worship, which is considered a dangerous process as it requires individuals to confront their personal failings in the presence of a holy, righteous, and just God. The author argues that true worship involves opening one’s heart and mind to God and experiencing His holiness and righteousness. However, this process also reveals one’s flaws and human imperfections, making it a moment of transparency that highlights our disobedience and sins. The essay concludes that true worship challenges one’s faith and makes individuals fearful of the consequences of their actions.

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An Essay on True Worship“True worship is a dangerous thing because in it we are required to bring our personal failings face-to-face with a holy, righteous, and just God” (Williams, 2003).

This particular statement from the book They Spoke from God: A Survey of the Old Testament by William C. Williams, expresses the power of true worship. A person, who comes to seek God, kneels before Him and worships intently will be opening his heart and mind to God and will be experiencing His holiness and righteousness. The author may have regarded true worship as dangerous because it is a process wherein one expresses his religion and faith despite of his faults, shortcomings, failures and faults.

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All these flaws and human imperfections which had been committed are linked to a person regardless of how strong his faith and prayers are. This simply means that in times of true worship, one comes face-to-face with God – flaws and all.Faith and personal failings do not complement each other. It is complicated why as humans; we tend to disobey God’s teachings even though we are rooted in faith.

In times of prayer, we usually reflect, praise God and ask for everything we need – personal needs, forgiveness and many others. Still, we continue to commit sin and fall into temptation. For this reason, true worship is defined as a dangerous process – it is a moment wherein we face a righteous and holy God and present to Him ourselves – all that we are. This act reveals who and what we really are against God’s holiness.

It makes our imperfections more apparent. It becomes a moment of transparency and the process reveals to us just how unjust and unclean we are. We come into a realization that there is something far stronger than our faith in God because we choose to walk in a sinful path and become involve with immorality.True worship reveals just how disobedient we have become.

It highlights our sins and makes us realize that we can never run away from our personal failings. Even if we try to avoid and conceal them to others, they are very visible and strongly linked to us whenever we face God. We cannot hide anything from Him. In the eyes of God, we come to discover who we really are as a person and as His follower because we are required to bring our personal failings in times worship.

By doing so, our faith is challenged and we become fearful of the consequences.                    ReferencesWilliams, W. & Horton, S. (2003).

They Spoke from God: A Survey of the Old     Testament. New York: Logion Press/Gospel Publishing House. 

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