Old Proverb “Work is Worship”

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“Work is Worship’. This is an ancient proverb emphasizing the significance of hard work in worshipping God. It is widely believed that the accomplishments of mankind throughout history are directly linked to extended periods of devoted labor. The greatness humanity has achieved can be credited to their diligent endeavors, making hard work the basis for success. There is no alternative for hard work. Achievements like conquering nature, reaching the moon, exploring outer space, and developing life-saving medications have all been made feasible because individuals have consistently embraced work and never avoided it.

In the field of agriculture and industry, we are witnessing remarkable advancements. The techniques used in agriculture have been enhanced, leading to increased productivity. Consequently, farmers are now experiencing better conditions compared to their past struggles. This success can be credited to their diligent efforts. Undoubtedly, hard work is akin to worship. As the old saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves.” God is pleased with and offers assistance to individuals who demonstrate perseverance and sincerity. It is not in God’s nature to desire constant worship from individuals.

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According to him, it is crucial for individuals to put in effort and not solely rely on worshiping God without taking action. There are individuals who prioritize luck as the primary determinant of life outcomes, resulting in their refusal to work and instead anticipate miracles. They hold the belief that these miracles will grant them their every wish; however, the reality is that such miracles rarely happen, particularly when no work is involved. It is only through working tirelessly day and night that we can possibly hope for miracles.

According to this viewpoint, it is crucial to have faith that God has bestowed upon us a purpose and positioned us in the world to accomplish this purpose through work. It is our duty to maximize each moment and employ our abilities fully in order to be acknowledged as prosperous individuals. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that when we mention “work as worship,” we are specifically referring to work that serves society positively. Any work that harms society should never be considered commendable.

It is crucial for us to utilize our potential in positive endeavors and avoid engaging in the production of harmful drugs, manufacturing destructive weapons, conspiring, waging wars, or undertaking anti-social activities. These actions do not benefit humanity and are displeasing to God. Our work should be both creative and humble. Only then can we consider it worship; otherwise, it resembles worshiping the devil. India has a rich heritage of hardworking individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Jawahar Lai Nehru, Sardar Patel, etc., from whom we should learn and strive for the betterment of our nation as a whole.

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