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As a BBA pupil of 8th semester of Kantipur College of Business Management and Humanities Studies. affiliated to Tribhuvan University. it was obligatory to make an internship of eight hebdomads as a partial fulfilment of the class. This internship plan is aimed at supplying larning and exposure chances to pupils that is hard to get theoretically. In the clip period of eight hebdomads. I tried to maximise our part to the organisation and to larn and better our work related accomplishments. So this first chapter of the study trades with the basic background of the internship and the operational activities performed during eight hebdomads internship period. It analyzes the theoretical cognition into practical cognition.

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So as per partial demand of TU for BBA. I was assign to an internship plan at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. New Baneshwor Branch for eight hebdomads. All staffs of the organisation were concerted during the internship period. WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) in Nepal and one of the most outstanding IT company. Founded in September. 1995 with the purpose of supplying Internet and IT services. WorldLink started off by supplying store-and-forward e-mail services over a dial-up nexus. It has been supplying different IT services and with the usage of latest engineering. it has been upgrading itself for turn outing effectual services.


The aim of this internship is to understand the existent life jobs in an organisation and how the survey of Business Administration helps in work outing those jobs. This internship has been done in order to carry on an Analysis of Operation at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. and offer suggestion for betterment. However. the premier aims of the survey. as per the demand of the internship can be categorized as: * To derive practical exposure and experience in a existent organisation. * To develop professionalism by working in an existent organisation. * For application of theoretical cognition in the organisational processs. * A measure towards our hereafter to develop a calling in the field of direction and disposal.


Research methodological analysis is the systematic manner of roll uping. postponing and analysing the information. The concluding result of any survey depends on the research methodological analysis followed. Assorted processs could be followed for roll uping information on the footing of which a study could be prepared. Thus research methodological analysis is the method used to garner necessary information to run into the aim of the survey.

Organization Selection

Tribhuvan University BBA plan will enable pupils to successfully run into the demands to work as in-between degree directors in a company by implementing strategic selling techniques. leting pupils to get competitory advantages. This will be obtained via cognition of selling activities and ways in which to organize and incorporate themselves across legion market place. Thus. Service supplying organisation will be more good to student seeking callings in Marketing. I got a aureate chance to work as an houseman at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd at New Baneshwor subdivision. WorldLink was established in 1995 and it is the largest ISP of the state. It provides the cyberspace installation throughout the state.


During my eight hebdomads at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. . I was placed in assorted section of the company like Front Desk Department. Retail Department and Support Department. This helped me to understand the different activities performed in the organisation. In the procedure I have built up my assurance through the experience in the assorted sections.

Duration of Internship

As stipulated by Tribhuvan University ( TU ) . a BBA pupil should undergo internship for minimal eight hebdomads. The continuance of my internship was from 27th May. 2012 to 26th July. 2012.


ISP Industry in brief

Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) is the service supplier which provides cyberspace based services to the people. It provides those services through different medium and to different platforms. It used to supply those services from wired engineering but now it besides provide those services through wireless engineering. This industry copes with alterations in engineering and follow new engineering which brings more benefits to them. So. this industry is straight depend upon planetary engineering promotion. It is service industry which provides cyberspace service. Bing a service industry. its major determiner of public presentation is the quality of service it delivered to the clients.

History of Internet Service Provider Industry

The history of ISP started from 1990. in Brookline. USA. a Massachusetts-based “The World” became the first commercial ISP. When the cyberspace became popular and its entree is limited to the research lab and universities. the commercial ISP sprang up to offer entree to internet to those who are willing to pay for services. And commercial ISP started.

The Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) in Nepal

The history of ISP’s in Nepal is non older than two decennaries. In 1994. Mercantile Office System established which provided commercial e-mails services to public for the first clip. A twelvemonth subsequently. Mercantile Communication. subdivision of Mercantile Office System started internet service to public. ISPs are regulated by Nepal Telecommunication Authority ( NTA ) which formulated all the policies sing the operation of ISP. Out of 43 ISPs in Nepal. 20 are associated with Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal ( ISPAN ) . the umbrella organisation for ISPs in Nepal. which is a non-profit-making organisation committed to advocated and back up a healthy Internet industry in the state.

Due to the promotion of Information Technology and avidity among the people about cyberspace. this sector is in turning phase. ISPs are actively involved to supply cyberspace based services around the state. There are 43 ISPs in Nepal. and its function in the economic system and communicating is on the rise. ISPs are regulated by Nepal Telecommunication Authority ( NTA ) . With proper ordinance and increased investing. this sector is set to go an indispensable portion of communicating sector in Nepal The market of ISP in Nepal is extremely competitory and it faces much competition from Telecommunication companies of the state.

And besides hapless ordinances and policies have created the complex environment for the growing of this industry. There are about 4. 8 million cyberspace endorsers in the state. Out of that. merely 1 per centum is the endorser of private ISPs’ . Harmonizing to the policy of authorities. ISP has to pay 4 per centum of their gross as royalty and sedimentation 2 per centum to Rural Telecom Development Fund ( RTDF ) as its Universal Service Obligation. NTA provide the licence to the interested parties after measuring the proposal. if the proposal meet all the standards required. One of of import status that ISP should stay is non to run Basic Voice Telephony Service and should non complect with the domestic or international PSTN. There are presently 43 licensed ISP in the state which provides different cyberspace services to the people.


World Link is the largest ISP in Nepal and one of the most outstanding Information technology companies. It was founded in September. 1995 with the purpose of supplying cyberspace and IT services. It is managed by its Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Dileep Agrawal and Board of Directors. It has been associated with different organisation such as Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal ( ISPAN ) . Computer Association of Nepal ( CAN ) . Asia Pacific Network Information Center ( APNIC ) . Over the past 16 old ages. it has grown from little concern to a strong and stable corporation with professional staff and a strong client base.

The company has positioned itself as a complete IT service supplier instead than merely an ISP by supplying services such as informations connectivity. web integrating and consulting. web hosting and development. At present. WorldLink is the largest private cyberspace service supplier of the state. It provides internet service to more than 19. 000 clients around the state. And besides. it provides services to single every bit good as to the corporate houses. The company has been supplying its services to different Bankss. insurance company. concern houses etc. Similarly. it provides different other services related to IT harmonizing to demands of the client.

The nucleus values lets the institute. clients and communities know what they serves. who they truly are and the rules by which they pledge to carry on concern. In kernel. the bank believes that the success can merely be achieved by populating their nucleus values and rules:

  • Excellence: The company has a passion for excellence and committed to winning with unity. They aspire to flawless executing without cutoffs on quality.
  • Teamwork: WorldLink believe that teamwork is cardinal to the success. So they treat one another with regard and communicate openly and besides appreciate the value of multiple positions and diverse expertness.
  • Invention and Efficiency: WorldLink thrives on creativeness. inventiveness and consistence. They strive to maximise efficiency in everything they do and non afraid to take informed and responsible hazard.
  • Ethical motives: WorldLink is an ethical organisation that believes in unity and honestness at all degrees. They believe that ethical patterns are indispensable for long-run sustainability of organisation.
  • Customer Satisfaction: WorldLink respect their client above all else and portion a personal duty to keep our clients trueness and trust.
  • Technology: WorldLink are ever willing to utilize new engineering and available cutting border engineering in the Global IT industry. They are non driven by engineering. they are driven by demand.
  • Focus: WorldLink is more dedicated and focused in purveying services and supply solutions. non merely in engineering and web. It is on-line informations backup service which allow client to hive away its informations to the waiter located at WorldLink’s informations centre. It protect from informations loss because of different grounds. And it allows to shop informations from anyplace. Datas are wholly secured through different encoding engineering. So. unauthorised individual can non entree those informations.

Customer Service Department is the most of import section of any organisation. It deals with client straight. It responds questions of the client and solved the inquiry raised quickly. So the success of company depends upon the ways through which this section trade with the clients and responds made to client questions. Therefore. it besides carries the image and repute of the company. This section is linked with all the sections of the company. They frontward issues to those sections with whom that issue is related. In the company. this section drama of import function while covering with client. During internship. different activities are performed in this section which are as following:

  • Supplying general information to client about different cyberspace services provided by the company
  • Accepting payments made by clients
  • Forwarding issues to the concern sections
  • Keeping records of new clients
  • Answering phone calls made by clients
  • Helping clients to make full the signifiers
  • Describing different bundle offered by the company and help them to choose suited bundle

 Selling and Gross saless Department

Selling and Gross saless section of the company handles all new clients and follow them sing their new connexions and besides follows bing client to remind them about payments. It surveys about quality of services. This section is responsible for happening out possible clients through field visit. The member of this section actively involved in making new clients. Similarly. it forward ailments of client to the support section to decide it rapidly. Currently. in this section there are four staffs dwelling supervisor. undertaking coordinator and two retail officers. This section is responsible to turn to the demand of client. Different activities are performed in this section which are as follows:

  • Managing clients forwarded by Front Desk Department
  • Describing the bundle offered by the company
  • Proposing appropriate cyberspace service for client harmonizing to their demand
  • Forwarding customer’s ailment related to services to back up section for deciding jobs
  • Finding potency clients through field visit of different countries
  • Roll uping customers’ reaction sing quality of services during field visit
  • Coordinating with other subdivision offices’ retail officer sing client petition for switching of location
  • Making phone calls to clients to reminds about payments
  • Reacting to phone calls made by clients and replying questions made by them
  • Forwarding new connexion petition to back up section to put in new connexion to customers’ house
  • Visiting customers’ house for asking feasibleness of services

Support Department

This section handles the ailments. new installing and switching location issues of the company. Support section consist of staff with proficient cognition and expertness. This section is responsible for turn toing ailments written by clients through caput office or through mail or through telephones. During internship period. I was placed in this section for short period of clip. During that period different activities are performed. They are as follow:

  • Reviewing ailments made by clients
  • Reviewing ailments forwarded by other sections
  • Visiting location of installing



The internship plan is really fruitful for the development of pupils. From internship. pupils are exposed to existent universe of commercialism and able to derive wide cognition and experience twith different sections every bit good as working rules of organisation. It allows pupils the chance to interpret academic theories and rules into action. to present 1s gained accomplishments and cognition so far. The completion of eight hebdomads at WorldLink gave me a professional experience as an internee in developing interpersonal accomplishments and working as portion of squad. Through observation of company and ain analysis it is reveled that the company is motivated toward the satisfaction of client through quality of services. Meanwhile. customers’ chief ailment was about the bringing of services and late reaction to ailments.

Lesson Learnt

During internship period as an intern I got an chance to larn about the activities that are performed daily in service supplying organisation which will be added advantage to my professional accomplishments. Some of the lessons learnt during this internship plan are stated below:

  • Learnt to work as a portion of squad
  • Learnt practical exposure and experience in existent organisation
  • Develop professional competency
  • Different techniques to manage the different working state of affairs
  • Learnt and better specific accomplishments such as communicating. job work outing. interpersonal accomplishments and presentation accomplishments
  • Witness schoolroom theories and rules being applied in existent universe state of affairs
  • Learnt clip direction
  • Learnt to concentrate on primary aim* Learnt to act harmonizing to demand of state of affairs


On the footing of survey. analysis and findings following recommendation can be made to the company:

  • The staffs and houseman should be informed on a regular basis about the new bundle offered by company before it really offered to clients
  • Staffs should be motivated by acknowledging the importance of them in organisation
  • Company need to develop the bundle to retain client than pulling new client because it is more profitable for organisation
  • Layout of office construction should be alter as current layout reflects complexness for client to make different sections
  • Staffs should be trained to make more effectual end products from them
  • Addition to manpower. as limited staff can non manage during haste hours and during extremum season.
  • Since the large telecommunication industry besides supplying internet service to people. private company should establish the plan that attract the clients.


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