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Executive summary: We have selected Dalda because we are seeing Dalda in our houses from the time we have opened our eyes, but now some of our group members mother has stopped to use Dalda because of its quality, and an interview of Dalda’s manager appeared on the pages of Aurora, about “Why Dalda is losing its position? ” and these are the main reasons which forced us to select it for our project Chapter 1: Introduction: History: The Dalda story has its origins in the early part of the last century, when Dutch traders brought hydrogenated vegetable fat to India.

It soon became such a popular cooking medium that it was considered commercially viable to set up a local manufacturing plant. In the early 1930’s Hindustan Vansapati Manufacturing Company established a factory at Sewri, in what is today’s Greater Mumbai. In 1937, the Dalda brand was established to sell Vansapati. The Dalda name has Dutch roots. It was imported by a Dutch company, Dada & Co. In the early 1930’s when Hindustan Vansapati Manufacturing Co (today’s Hindustan Lever Limited) wanted to start manufacturing Vansapati locally, Dada & Co, insisted that the branded product should reflect their name.

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Hindustan Lever, in a bid to establish their ownership of the brand managed to prevail and introduced the ‘L’ for Lever into the name. The production and marketing of this new cooking medium was so successful that before long Dalda became a household name. Dalda became a household name and the yellow tin with the green palm tree was a familiar site in every Pakistani kitchen. The brand was so well established that soon Dalda and Vansapati were established as interchangeable names for the same product. The green date palm came to symbolize purity and Dalda was identified as a cooking medium that preserved the original pure taste of the food.

Dalda is a brand established in pre-partition days by Hindustan Lever. Unilever continued with the brand name of Dalda in Pakistan in 1947. Dalda is the largest selling brand in Pakistan and is marketed all over the country. More recently, in August 2003, the global agribusiness major, Bunge Ltd bought over the Dalda brand from Hindustan Lever. It has since extended the Dalda product range to include a range of edible oils in a bid to establish itself in the burgeoning edible oils market in Asia. Christopher White, Regional General Manager (Asia), Bunge Ltd. describes the extension of the Dalda brand as “resuscitation. ” “The brand’s heartbeat has endured though it had no voice,” he says. He believes this extension will create a stronger platform for it. “It’s about adding to the story that is Dalda”. Bunge Ltd. has launched five new edible oils to cater to the differing palates in different parts of the country. Gingerly oil and sunflower oil were launched in South India, while mustard oil and soybean oil were launched in North India. Recognizing the popularity of groundnut oil across the country, Bunge Ltd has launched it in both the Northern and Southern markets.

Despite its strong track record and being clear leader in the market with 9. 7 percent of total branded share (Vansapati 7. 4% and edible refined oil 16. 4%) in Pakistan, UPL had to sell its SOFB products as part of Unilever’s global strategy focus on core brand and product areas. The core business for Unilever Pakistan consists of detergents, soaps, personal products, beverages, foods (including margarine) and ice cream. Internationally, Unilever has already divested from its edible oils business, as this is not central to the development of its future global strategy.

As a result of the sale by Unilever Pakistan of its oils and fat business, Unilever Pakistan will enhance its focus on its core business in Pakistan, which is vital for its long-term future. Products: Dalda Cooking Oil: Dalda Cooking Oil is the premium quality oil for cooking and frying. It is a blend of Canola, Sunflower, and Soybean oil, and is 100% Cholesterol free. It is healthy as it contains Vitamin A & D3 together with Vitamin E, which protects from skin and heart diseases. Dalda Cooking Oil is easy to digest, contains essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 and natural antioxidants that boost the immune system of the body.

It is hygienically refined on modern automatic plant that preserves natural goodness of oil and makes food exceptionally delicious. Dalda Banaspati: Dalda Banaspati is the healthiest Banaspati available in Pakistan because it is VTF (virtually Tran’s fat free). Hygienically produced on modern automatic plant, Dalda Banaspati contains a healthier Banaspati formulation. Moreover, Tran’s fatty acid level is below 1% in it. Made from 100% vegetable oils, Dalda Banaspati contains Vitamin A & D3 and its rich ghee flavor ensures delicious and wholesome meal. Planta Cooking Oil:

Planta Cooking Oil 100% Ultra refined Vegetable Oil is a blend of Soybean, Canola and Sunflower oil. It is the only cooking oil, which gives the taste of ghee and the goodness of oil. It ensures health as it is 100% Cholesterol free and contains Vitamin A & D3. The natural antioxidants in the oil boost the immune system of the body. Planta Cooking Oil is hygienically refined on modern automatic plant to preserve natural goodness of oil and the freshness of oil makes the food delicious and tasty. Dalda Olive Oil (cooking oil): Olives are nature’s precious jewels that have been used for thousands of years.

Olive oil is the greatest exponent of monounsaturated fat and a prime component of the Mediterranean diet. It is a natural juice that preserves the taste, aroma, vitamins and properties of the olive fruit. Replacing other fats in the diet with Olive Oil can significantly lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks. Diabetes or those at risk for diabetes are also advised to combine a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet with Olive Oil, as this combination is superior for controlling blood sugar levels compared to diet that consist entirely of low-fat meals.

Dalda Olive Oil is extracted from the purest and freshest olives hand-picked in Spain and refined to perfection under stringent quality standards and using state of the art technology. Dalda, the country’s largest brand of edible oil and fats and a household name for over 60 years, became the first leading brand to introduce olive oil into Pakistan. Regarded by the top nutritionists around the world as the finest cooking medium, olive oil has proven health benefits and has been the cooking oil of choice since centuries in many European countries known for the good health and longevity of their citizens.

Dalda Olive Oil is available in three variants, namely Dalda Extra Virgin Olive Oil, preferred for salads, shallow frying, and low heat cooking, Dalda Pure Olive Oil preferred for medium heat frying and cooking and Dalda Pomace Olive Oil, which is highly suitable for Pakistani style of cooking that uses high heat and deep frying. Speaking at the launch press conference, Osama Khan, Marketing Director Dalda Foods stated: “More than anything else people are deeply concerned about what they consume and its quality, as it directly influences their health.

Dalda has been the most trusted name in cooking mediums for 3 generations, always delivering quality products meeting the international quality standards. Now in response to the changing lifestyles and consumer preference, Dalda is proud to launch the range of finest olive oils in Pakistan. With the unmatched quality and international cooking expertise of Dalda, we are confident that Dalda Olive oil will set new benchmarks of quality in Pakistan”. He further added that regular use of Olive Oil has excellent health benefits which include protection for the heart, cancer-fighting properties and Blood sugar control.

He went on to say: “Launch of Dalda olive oil is to be seen as Company’s strong commitment to care for the health of its consumers and the society, as we firmly believe that the long term success of any business is directly dependent on the well-being of the society in which the Company operates. Chapter 2 Literature review Six basic concepts of quality involves committed and involve management (from top to bottom) to provide long term organizational support. An annual quality improvement program is established and involves input fro entire workforce.

Secondly, focus on the customer is very much important and very necessary to hear the “voice of the customer”. Thirdly, effective involvement and utilization of entire workforces TQM is organization-wide challenge and give the concept that everyone is important and everyone must be trained. Fourthly, continuous improvement is very necessary. People must strive for the improvement of the process every time. Technical tool I this regards such as SPC (Statistical Process Control), Bench marking, quality function development, ISO 9000 and design experiments are very helpful in problem solving.

Fifth major concept involves treatment of suppliers as a partner. As they are providing you with the raw material, partnering relationship will enhance the satisfaction of supplier and will make supplies more efficient. Sixth and last concept of quality is the performance measure establishment for the process, because o the reason that if the performance is not being measure then there will be almost impossible to measure the quality Quality in Product: Dimensions of quality in products could be as follow •Performance: A product’s primary operating characteristics. Features: the “bells and whistles” of a product. •Reliability: The probability of a product’s surviving over a specified period of time under stated conditions of use. •Conformance: The degree to which physical and performance characteristics of a product match pre-established standards. •Durability: The amount of use one gets from a product before it physically deteriorates or until replacement is preferable. •Serviceability: The ability to repair a product quickly and easily. •Aesthetics: How a product looks, feels, sounds, tastes, or smells. Perceived quality: Subjective assessment resulting from image, advertising, or brand names. Chapter 3 TQM practices in Dalda foods limited Purpose of Study: Study of Total Quality Management Practices in “DALDA Foods (Pvt. ) Limited” Product Performance: The healthiest Vansapati of Pakistan because it is Virtually Trans Fat Free Dalda Cooking Oil is cooking oil in Pakistan which preserves the natural goodness of oil. Planta Cooking Oil has the distinction of being the high quality cooking oil with the benefits of oil and the taste of Vansapati.

Dalda Foods has been able to deliver the best possible cooking mediums to millions of its consumers’ using its International Technology and Expertise. The trust of its consumers has enabled it become the leading brand in its category. Every day millions of consumers use one or more of its brands. Dalda not only aims to provide the best cooking medium to its consumers, but also to act in a responsible manner and make a meaningful contribution to society. Dalda Foods strongly believes that long term success of any business is intimately connected with the well-being of society and the environment in which it operates.

This graph is showing that people’s main concern is of quality that is 48 percent, and taste is also somehow is a part of quality, a good quality also ensure a good taste. Features: Other auxiliary features of Dalda are that it places its products in number of convenient packages, especially in 5kg pack containing 5 poly bags and also comes in 5kg compact packing which is easy for the end users. The graph is showing that 63 percent people are satisfied from the quality and style of packing of Dalda, including strongly satisfied and satisfied customers.

Conformance: Dalda Foods has the distinction of being the only edible oil and fats producer which has ISO 9002 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environment and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety certifications. It is a reflection of Dalda Foods commitment to corporate social responsibility, good corporate governance and also a matter of pride and distinction that it is the only edible oil and fats manufacturing company in Pakistan which has installed an effluent treatment plant at its manufacturing site.

The treated effluent water meets or is better than the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) and is used in the lawns of the factory for irrigation purposes. Reliability: Dalda Foods’ commitment to quality and maintaining a socially and environmentally responsible business is reflected in it being the only edible oil and fats manufacturing company in Pakistan which is certified by Bureau Verities Quality (BVQI), a widely recognized international certification organization, for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety performance.

Durability: Dalda Refined Oil is processed till it is crystal clear and deodorized. The superior quality of raw materials used and the superior refining process (high quality machinery and a proven process) give Dalda refined oil the following superior characteristics. Longer Shelf life of the product & cooked/ fried food, less oil uptake in cooked /fried foods the manufacturing process and deodorization conditions give Dalda Refined Oil a high smoke point, which in turn reduces the oil uptake in cooked / fried foods. Service:

Despite providing best quality in its products, Dalda has also the services which give benefits to the kitchen users also available on its site www. dkd. com. pk. Services provided by Dalda are •Dalda Advisory Services(Ask Experts) •Home Makers Especial •Straight from the Kitchen Aesthetics: Dalda has also introduced various reward schemes such as KARACHI: Marketing Manager Dalda Usman Aslam, along with Shahid Hussain Shah, Regional Manager, Unilever Pakistan Limited Lahore, distributed prizes for Dalda “Khul Ja Sim Sim” consumer promotion ceremony held at a hotel.

The cooking fats and oils giant Dalda has always been coming up with new and exciting ideas to reward its consumers. This latest promotion is an improved version of last years’ campaign, and has been extended till July 31, 2003. Through this promotion consumers can still win guaranteed prizes in each tin and bottle, including mega prizes. Yasir Usman of Lahore won a Honda Civic VTI Oriel, the top prize of this promotion. “The scheme was received well by consumers and the management will continue with such promotions in future as well as reward loyal consumers,” said Uzma Aslam while addressing the gathering. PR 76 percent people replied that Dalda should provide rewards at time of selling. Reputation: Rigorous quality checks ensure consistent quality. Dalda Foods has been able to deliver the best possible cooking mediums to millions of its consumers’ using its International Technology and Expertise. The trust of its consumers has enabled it to become the leading brand in its category. Every day millions of consumers use one or more of its brands. Dalda not only aims to provide the best cooking medium to its consumers, but also to act in a responsible manner and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Dalda Foods strongly believes that long term success of any business is intimately connected with the well-being of society and the environment in which it operates. Due to these efforts of Dalda, it is considered as benchmark in the field of Vansapati and health conscious people go for it. It shows that almost 39 percent people think that Dalda is good for health, where 36 percent has neutral comments and only 25 percent refuses that it is not good for health, including strongly satisfied and satisfied customers. Conclusion After studying Dalda Foods Ltd. or quality implementation, we conclude that dalda foods is implementing quality management in its operations right from raw material to end user. Dalda foods limited. Seem to have changed its organizational policy in last 10 years as before it was focusing only on product quality. Dalda is equipped with refining the raw material (palm oil) that gives good quality of inputs. Massive advertisement, Dalda advisory services, straight from kitchen, home maker’s special are vivid proof of customer orientation and implementation (under process) of MIS in Dalda ware houses throughout the country.

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