Animal Abuse by Owners

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Robert Gonzales, a resident of Bakersfield, appeared to be an ordinary man. However, one evening he was charged with throwing water on a small dog at the beach and using duct tape to silence it. His intention was to discipline the animal. Gonzales was apprehended and arrested for his mistreatment of the dog, contributing to the prevalent issue of animal abuse in the United States. Taking action is crucial in preventing such cruelty. Gonzales is just one example of numerous individuals who engage in such acts. Kevin Brunson also faced allegations of animal harm, as he deprived his dog, Rambo, of food to the point where it weighed a mere fifty-one pounds.

A typical dog of his size would weigh around 125 pounds, but Rambo was a shocking 74 pounds underweight. Another dog named Lacey suffered from scabbing around her eyes and other injuries as a result of abuse. Police discovered that a woman named Lashawn Whitehead from Greensboro had admitted to beating her dog for 15 minutes and then setting it on fire. The dog managed to escape, but not without severe injuries including burned ears, a broken jaw, and damaged teeth. Luckily, she was eventually adopted by a caring family.

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The effects of animal abuse are widespread and impact all animals. Reports have shown that horses have also been subjected to starvation and kept in deplorable living conditions.

Owners neglect their responsibilities to clean stalls, feed the animals, and take care of the horses’ grooming needs, resulting in the horses becoming depressed. Among sixteen horses found at Gina Rapuano’s Farm, Apache, Willy, and Destiny are three examples of horses that are desperately in need of care. Apache was severely malnourished, with visible ribs, worm infestations, and neglected hooves and dental health. Willy suffered from difficulty walking and severe eye infections. Destiny’s dental problems were so severe that he could not properly eat and was starving. The horses’ eyes appeared dull and lacking alertness.

Beach 1: They tried to ignore their surroundings.
Beach 2: All horses were taken to immediate care and are being nursed back to health. A tearful apology was given by Rapuano. The judge’s decision was that Rapuano didn’t purposefully harm the animal.
Editorial: Abuse alert 1: Cats and dogs have been caught on fire and left to die. Tree-Climber, the cat, is now recovering from being set on fire, and having her tail cut-off.
Coco, a one year old puppy was set on fire. The dogs injuries were horrific he had his fur singed, was blinded by the fire, and couldn’t lie down.

One year later, Coco was euthanized for unknown reasons and a horse tragically died from being shot. Furthermore, in May, the police rescued ninety cats and dogs from a residence in Boiling Springs. The surviving animals experienced trauma and some had to be euthanized. Regrettably, certain pet owners are oblivious to the harm they inflict on their animals by overcrowding their homes with pets, leading to an unmanageable situation. A distressing discovery occurred at the residence of Faith Ross and her daughter Francesca-Marie Maselli where twelve undernourished dogs were found.

The Zebulon home was discovered to contain a significant amount of animal waste, with a depth of approximately two feet. A total of 26 animals were found at the location, including 14 dogs and 2 cats that were successfully rescued. The types of dogs discovered included six Chihuahuas, three dachshunds, one Yorkshire Terrier, one English bulldog, one shih tzu, and one boxer. One collie mix was in critical condition and promptly taken to an animal hospital for urgent medical care.
Regarding the Zebulon residence, it housed over 100 dogs and cats; some were deceased while others were barely alive. Out of these animals, only 12 dogs were deemed healthy enough for potential adoption. Additionally, three cats were transferred to a cat rescue operation. In summary, the investigation revealed a total count of 44 dogs and 64 cats.

The Zebulon couple faced charges of misdemeanor cruelty to animals. According to Whitfield (1), it is not necessary to intentionally abuse animals in order to be charged with animal abuse. An unidentified couple owned a total of sixty-five cats, two dogs, and five birds. Among the cats, twenty-seven had been spayed or neutered, and almost all of them enjoyed being petted, making them suitable for adoption (Smith 1). We should not view pets and animals solely for our own entertainment. Although they may amuse us with their behavior, we should not force them to perform actions that we find amusing (Azizan 2). A pit bull named Blueberry suffered severe beatings from his owner, Charles Black, resulting in his inability to move. Blueberry could only lie against the balcony bars and shiver. According to Jones (2), the beatings occurred either weekly or every few months. It is unimaginable that a helpless animal would endure such abuse from the person who is supposed to care for and love them. Fortunately, neighbors rescued Blueberry from this cruel man, and he was subsequently adopted into a caring family that would provide him with unconditional love and safety.

Unfortunately, not all dogs like Blueberry are fortunate enough to find loving families because of their aggression. Kevin Brunson faced a maximum jail sentence of one year and a $1,000 fine. However, this is not the worst consequence that can occur.

Gina Rapuano suffered significant consequences for neglecting multiple animals including horses, mules, goats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, and dogs – “net proceeds of $200,000, three years of probation, and a three-year ban on owning animals.” (Beach 2-3)

Faith Ross and Francesca-Marie Maselli both had to pay either $95,000 each or a combined bond of $190,000. (Dooley 1)

Gonzales’ bail also increased from $25,100 to $50,000.

The abuser known as Black received a four-year prison sentence for harming Blueberry.

Abusing animals has severe consequences that can ruin lives by resulting in imprisonment and debt. Is it truly worth causing harm to an innocent animal?

One morning Jone Fun was shocked when he discovered numerous insulting emails accusing him of abusing a toy poodle in his Facebook messages. Allegedly there was an online video showing Fun’s abuse towards the toy poodle; however Fun claims innocence as various technologies available today could have easily manipulated the image of him in the video.

Groups are seeking to collect 9,000 signatures in support of an individual. Regardless of guilt, the public will judge someone for their involvement in animal abuse, which creates a lasting negative image.

Many people believe that a news officer in Newsport should be fired for mistreating his dogs. The officer himself admitted to physically harming a black Labrador and a Boston terrier. Despite claiming to love animals, he stated, “Animals don’t have inherent rights. They have the protections that we give them.”

However, simply believing that animals lack rights does not justify causing harm to them. It is contradictory for someone to harm an animal and claim to be an animal lover.

If someone can rationalize harming an animal, there must be a psychological issue at play. Additionally, animal abuse can lead to psychological problems and more serious offenses; statistics reveal that seventy percent of animal abusers have prior records for severe crimes.

According to the editorial by Abuse Alert 1, 71% of women reported that the man who abused them also mistreated animals in their household. This indicates that animal abuse may be indicative of a larger problem, as those who display aggression towards animals may also become aggressive towards humans. An incident involving two teenage boys abusing a cat resulted in their arrest, and although the cat was found alive after 15 hours, concerns arise regarding whether these boys will continue to display violent behavior towards their future spouses or children. While numerous complaints are made each year regarding animal abuse, only a fraction of them, approximately 100, are classified as animal cruelty cases (Huggins 2). Fortunately, there are available classes for individuals seeking education on recognizing signs of animal abuse.

“While viewing a distressing image of a deceased dog being consumed by her malnourished puppies, Miles Naylor was reminded of the reasons for pursuing his occupation and the importance of raising awareness within the community about identifying and reporting instances of animal abuse.” (Huggins 1) “This course educates individuals on recognizing appropriate shelters and educates them on the protocols followed by Animal Services upon receiving complaints.” (Huggins 2) Participants will gain knowledge regarding distinguishing between a thin dog and an emaciated one, as well as learn about issues such as an in-grown collar and starvation. The class utilizes disturbing photographs as visual aids to highlight the truly horrific nature of animal cruelty. A notable example includes a photograph depicting a starved dog reduced to a mere skeleton while still being chained outside. Please note that this class may not be suitable for individuals with a sensitive disposition.” (Jones 2) Vince Faltis captured Charles Black on video engaging in mistreatment towards his pit bull, Blueberry, and promptly reported it to the authorities. As a reward for capturing and reporting the video, Faltis received $2,500.

With the aim of rescuing animals living in terrible conditions due to abuse, he generously contributed 1,000 dollars to the Oakland Animal Shelter. The ability to identify signs of animal abuse is crucial for our efforts to save as many animals as possible. There are various methods that individuals can use to help combat animal abuse, including making donations to organizations. Smith (2) mentions that even a two-dollar donation can provide essential nourishment for an abused or unhealthy animal on its journey towards recovery. Some donors have generously given substantial amounts of money in support of these organizations. Cawthon (2) reveals that donators have contributed 1,000 dollars out of a total raised amount of 2,700 dollars towards fighting animal abuse. Devlin (2) reports on a crime alert urging people to report instances of animal abuse and highlights that the Animal Rescue League has already taken in 9,000 animals within the last ten months. To further demonstrate their support for the cause, Pastor Roy Byers held a ceremony for a dog who was cruelly set on fire and left for dead. In solidarity with this cause, individuals have the option to purchase luminaries priced at five dollars.

Eighty cents out of every dollar goes directly to supporting animals. People were welcome to bring their pets, and attending events like this can help individuals engage with the community and express their opposition to animal abuse. A specific group expressed interest in establishing a special fund through CrimeStoppers to combat cruelty towards animals. Becoming a volunteer and actively participating is an effective way to prevent and put an end to animal abuse. Borosky, a police officer, selflessly worked the entire month of January without pay, reducing his annual salary of $23,500 by $6,000, to assist his county in combating animal abuse. “The only humane society in Mahoning County can no longer provide assistance to neglected and mistreated animals due to financial constraints.”

It is essential that they recommit to their main objective of providing affordable veterinary services, including spaying and neutering specifically for individuals with limited incomes. Volunteers like Borosky play a crucial role in preventing counties like Mahoning from reducing support in the fight against animal cruelty. If we are willing to dedicate some time and effort, each of us can have a positive impact on at least one animal’s life by rescuing them from their current distressing situation. To combat animal abuse, it is imperative for us to come together and strongly oppose individuals like Gonzales, Black, and Brunson.

It is crucial for us in America to recognize that this kind of situation should not occur. By actively educating ourselves about the indications of animal mistreatment, we can bring about change. The significance of animals in our lives should not be underestimated; instead, we should take action by volunteering or donating to rescue even just one more animal. Officer Borosky serves as an exemplar for many others who share this mission. However, the more people involved, the better the outcome will be. Thus, it is essential for us to extend our support and aid malnourished, abused, fire-affected, and neglected animals. If we step up and assume responsibility, these animals will be saved and placed into caring homes.

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