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Animal Abuse by Owners

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    Robert Gonzales, from Bakersfield, seemed like an average, ordinary man. One night however, he was accused of splashing beach on a small dog, and wrapping the dog’s mouth with duct tape. His goal was to discipline the dog. Gonzales was caught and arrested for abusing the animal. Animal abuse is an occurring problem in the U. S. But can be prevented if we take action. Robert Gonzales is only one of many people to commit animal cruelty. Kevin Brunson was also accused of harming an animal. He starved his dog, Rambo, until he weighed only fifty-one pounds.

    A normal dog his size would weigh around one hundred and twenty-five pounds. Rambo was seventy-four pounds underweight. A dog named, Lacey had scabbing around the eyes and other injuries from being abused. “Lashawn Whitehead of Greensboro, admitted to police that she beat her dog for fifteen minutes, then set it on fire. The dog ran away, and she was found. Her injuries were burned ears, a broken jaw, and teeth. She was adopted into a new loving family. ” (Cawthon 2) All animals are affected when it comes to animal abuse. Horses have been reported to be starved and in very poor living conditions.

    Owners don’t clean stalls, feed the animals, or take care of the horses grooming needs. The horses become depressed to due to the lack of care they receive. Sixteen horses were found at Gina Rapuano’s Farm, Apache, Willy, and Destiny are merely three of the horses greatly in need of care. Apache was starved so much you could see his ribs; he was infested with worms, and needed hoof and dental care. Willy had trouble walking, and horrible eye infections. Destiny had such bad dental care that he could not eat properly, and was starving. “The horses eyes were dull; they were not alert.

    They tried to ignore their surroundings. ” (Beach 2) All horses were taken to immediate care and are being nursed back to health. A tearful apology was given by Rapuano. The judge’s decision was that Rapuano didn’t purposefully harm the animal. (Beach 1-2) Cats and dogs have been caught on fire and left to die. “Tree-Climber, the cat, is now recovering from being set on fire, and having her tail cut-off. ” (Editorial: Abuse alert 1) Coco, a one year old puppy was set on fire. “The dogs injuries were horrific he had his fur singed, was blinded by the fire, and couldn’t lie down.

    One year later he had to be euthanized. They still don’t know who set the dog on fire. Shortly after Coco’s death a horse was shot in the head and killed. In May, the police removed ninety cats and dogs from a home in Boiling Springs. ”(Cawthon 2) The animals that survived are scared for life but some must be euthanized. Some owners don’t even realize how they are punishing their animals. Many owners over populate their house with animals it just gets out of control. “In the house of mother Faith Ross and daughter Francesca-Marie Maselli 12 emaciated dogs were found.

    There was animal waste two feet deep, and twenty-six dead animals were found. Fourteen dogs and two cats were rescued from this household. Six Chihuahuas, three dachshunds, a Yorkshire Terrier, English bulldog, a shih tzu, and a boxer. A collie mix was taken to an animal hospital for emergency care. ” (Dooley 1-2) “In the Zebulon home more than one hundred dogs and cats were found, many of them dead of barely alive. Only twelve dogs deemed healthy enough to be put up for adoption. Three cats were sent to the cat rescue operation. Forty-forty dogs and sixty-four cats were reported found.

    The Zebulon couple was charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals. ” (Whitfield 1) “You don’t have to intentionally abuse your animals to be charged with animal abuse. One pair of owners, whose names were not released, had sixty-five cats, two dogs, and five birds. Twenty-seven of the cats were spayed and neutered already, and all but two or three of them were happy to be petted which is great because it means they can be adopted. ” (Smith 1) “Pets and animals are not here for our amusement. They may amuse us with their antics, but we should not be forcing them to do what we think is amusing. (Azizan 2) A pit bull, Blueberry, was beaten by his owner, Charles Black, until he could no longer move. All he could do was lie against the bars of the balcony and shiver. “The beatings sometimes occurred every weak and sometimes every three to four months. ” (Jones 2) A poor helpless animal being beaten by the person who is suppose to love them and care for them. Can anyone imagine? Once the neighbors rescued Blueberry from the vicious man he was adopted into a loving family, who would love him and never do anything to harm him.

    Some dogs, however, aren’t as lucky as Blueberry, and cannot be adopted into families because they have become too aggressive. For Kevin Brunson, the maximum sentence in jail was one year, and a fine of 1,000 dollars. This however, is not the worst possible outcome. One woman, Gina Rapuano, “had net proceeds of 200,000 dollar, three year probation, and could not own an animal for three years. ” (Beach 2-3) She neglected her horses, mules, goats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, dogs, and other animals. “Faith Ross and Francesca-Marie Maselli each had to pay 95,000 dollars or a combined bond of 190,000 dollars. (Dooley 1) Gonzales’s bail was increased from 25,100 dollars, to 50,000 dollars. Black, the man who abused blueberry had a four year sentence in prison. Abusing an animal can ruin a person’s life; put him/her in prison, and in debt. Is it all worth harming a poor animal? One morning, Jone Fun opened his facebook messages only to find hundreds of insulting e-mails. He was accused of abusing a toy poodle. There was a video of Fun on the internet abusing a toy poodle. The fact was Fun didn’t abuse the poodle. There are so many technologies now that anyone could of photo shopped Fun into the picture.

    Groups are trying to gather 9,000 signatures in his support. Whether someone guilty or not people will judge him/her for being involved in animal abuse. That image will stick with a person and it’s not something very many people forget. Many people believe Newsport news officer should be thrown out for beating his dogs. He admitted to beating his dogs a black Labrador, and Boston terrier. Despite what his actions lead you to believe he claims he is an animal lover. “He stated, “Animals don’t have innate rights. They have what protections we afford them. (Dujardin 2) This officer may believe that animals don’t have rights but that doesn’t mean you should harm another creature. Harming an animal and then claiming to be an animal lover has to mean that something isn’t right. Those two just simply don’t go together. Psychologically something in a person’s mind has to be wrong if he/she can rationalize a reason for harming an animal. Animal Abuse can lead to psychological problems and more serious crimes. “Seventy percent of animal abusers have been recorded for more serious crimes. (Editorial: Abuse Alert 1)

    “Seventy-one percent of women reported that the man who beat them had also abused the animals in their household. ” (Editorial: Abuse Alert 1) Animal abuse is just the start of the problem. People who are aggressive towards animals could possibly become aggressive towards other human beings as well. Two teenage boys were caught and arrested for abusing a cat. Fifteen hours later the cat was found still alive. We have to wonder if these boys will grow up to beat their wives or abuse their children. Hundreds of complaints are made every year about animal abuse, but only about one hundred of them are actually animal cruelty cases. ” (Huggins 2) Classes are available for people who are interested in becoming educated about the signs of animal abuse.

    “ While looking at a appalling photo of a dead dog being eaten by her starving puppies, Miles Naylor was remind why he did his job and why the community needs to be more informed about spotting and reporting animal abuse. ” (Huggins 1) “The class teaches how to identify proper shelter, as well as the steps Animal Services take when it receives complaints. (Huggins 2) It will teach you the difference between a thin dog and a emaciated dog. It will educate you about an in-grown collar and starvation. In this class disturbing photos will be show in order to emphasize how terrible animal cruelty can really be. One photo example is of a dead dog down to a skeleton still chained outside. It is not a class for people with a weak stomach. “Vince Faltis caught Charles Black on tape abusing his pit bull, Blueberry, and reported it to the police. ” (Jones 2) For taking and reporting the video Faltis was rewarded 2,500 dollars.

    He donated 1,000 dollars of it to the Oakland Animal Shelter. Learning the signs of animal abuse can help us be able to rescue all the animals we can from horrific and terrible living conditions. There are many ways people can help in the fight against animal abuse. Donations can be made to many organizations. “If a person gives at least two dollars it will buy a shot to help nourish an abused or unhealthy animal back to health. ” (Smith 2) Some donors give large sums of money in order to support organizations. “Donators gave 1,000 dollars to an organization that has so far raised 2,700 dollars to help fight animal abuse. (Cawthon 2) “Crime alert join with the Animal Rescue League to encourage people to repot animal abuse. Together they have taken in 9,000 animals in the last ten months. ” (Devlin 2) A pastor named Roy Byers held a ceremony for a dog that was set on fire and left to die. Luminaries can be purchased for five dollars.

    Eighty cents out of every dollar goes directly to helping animals. People were allowed to bring their pets. Attending ceremonies like this can help people become involved in the community, and represent their feelings towards animal abuse. A group of people were interested in setting up a special fund through CrimeStoppers against cruelty to animals. ” (Cawthon 2) Becoming a volunteer and getting involved is also a good way to prevent and stop animal abuse. Borosky, a police officer, recently work the whole month of January for free. He cut 6,000 dollars off from his annual pay of 23,500 dollars. He did this to help his county fight animal abuse. “Due to financial issues, Mahoning County’s only humane society can no longer provide help for neglected and abused animals. (Dick 1)

    They have to go back to what was their mission which is low-cost veterinary services, and spaying and neutering. These services are mostly available for low-income people. Volunteering, like Borosky, can help counties like Mahoning not be forced to close off the help they can provide for fighting animal abuse. We can all make a difference in at least one animal’s life if we care enough to give a little bit of our time and effort to rescue them from a torturous present. In order to stop people like Gonzales, Black, and Brunson we have to be able to make a stand against animal abuse.

    We need to look inside of us and know that this type of thing should not be occurring in our country of America. If we get involved and get educated about the signs of animal abuse we can make a difference. We have to be able to not take for granted the precious animals in our lives, but to volunteer and make donations to save just one more. There are many people like Officer Borosky, but like most things the more people involved the better. We need to reach out and help those animals that are underfed, beaten, set on fire, and neglected. Take charge and these animals will be saved and given to loving homes.

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