Animal Farm: Power, Deception, and Equality

Deception, and Equality Edward Abbey once said, “Power is always dangerous. Power acts the worst a ND corrupts the best”. George Orwell Wrote Animal Farm to tell the truths about Stalin’s power and corruption. Animal Farm has many historical figures represented in it such as Stalin, Trotsky, Karl Marx, Rasping, and many more. The books mimicked the Russian Revolt Zion and Stalin’s reign of Russia.

George Orwell teaches many truths in Animal Farm including; absolute power corrupts absolutely, equality is not always equal, and deception is easy when there lack education. George Orwell teaches many truths in , the first truth he teaches is, absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the middle of the book Napoleon showed his fir SST sign of absolute power by making the animals work hard. Orwell writes,” All that year the anima alls worked like slaves. ” (73).

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Napoleon displayed his power and corruption when he didn’t get what he wanted. Orwell writes,” Napoleon acted swiftly and ruthlessly. He ordered the hens rat ions to be stopped Purge 2 and decreed that any animal giving as much as a grain of corn to a hen was p unusTABLE by death. ” ( 87). The second truth Orwell teaches is equality is not always equal. Napoleon SSH Sows that equality is not always equal when he changes the last commandment. Orwell writes,” All animals are equal, but some equals are more equal than others. (133). Napoleon eon also demonstrates inequality when he gives the pigs extra apples and milk. Orwell writes,” So it is agreed without further argument that the milk and apples should be reserved for the pigs. ” (54). The more education one has, the harder it is to deceive them. The final truth Orwell taught was deception is easy when others lack education n. The pigs how that deception is easy when others lack education when Squealer convict once the other animals that Snowball was Jones’ agent.

Orwell writes,” ‘Our leader, Comrade Napoleon,’ announced Squealer, speaking slow and firmly,’ has stated categorically cater originally, comrade that Snowball was Jones’ agent from the very beginning yes, and long before t he rebellion was ever thought of. ” (91). The pigs also proved that deception was easy when 20th errs lack education when they changed the another commandment. O’Neill writes,” They had too aught the Fifth commandment was ‘No animal shall drink alcohol,’ but there were two words they had resorted. Actually the commandment read: ‘No animal shall drink alcohol to excess. ‘ (1 13). There is not always equality that is truly equal. Purge 3 Deception is easy when others lack education, equality is not always equal, an d absolute power corrupts absolutely are all truths George Orwell taught in Animal Farm . Today, there are still some places that have absolute power and are major corrupt for exam lee North Korea. North Korea has the most corrupt government in the world. They use deceptive on against they’re under educated citizens. North Korea claims their people are equal but the go Vermont controls what they do.

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