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Animal Farm: How Power Can Corrupt

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  • Pages 3
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    ‘Animal Farm’, by George Orwell, is a novel that shows how easily leaders can be corrupted and how it can attract differently to the characters in the novel. Even though that power can be easily corrupted in the hands of a tyrant, power is both morally good and bad. Old Major, before his death holds his power for the good of his fellow comrades.

    After the death of the Major, the characters; Napoleon and Squealer abuse their use of power for bad. As there use of power is unrestricted the holders of power are liable to be corrupted causing there fellow comrades to suffer from their actions and consequences.As being named and seen as ‘Major’ by the other animals in Manor Farm. The major was seen as an important figure and was well respected in the farm.

    The Major passed on his wisdom and knowledge to the animals telling them of a future without labour and hardship. The Major used his power for the greater good for the other animals whether they were intelligent or not; that all animals were to be equal and that if any animal breaking this commandment; he or she would be the same as the enemy; the ‘humans’. The first sign of corruption grew upon Napoleon who saw his chance of power.Napoleon was seen as the strongest example of Corruption in the book; his use of power was for his own purpose, using the threat of force and coercion to compel the other animals to do his bidding and commands.

    He uses propaganda to confuse and brainwash some animals in thinking what he is doing is for the greater good of the animals and their home. The use of the Napoleon’s personal dogs was to threaten any animal that opposes his command or protests’. Coercion was also used by Napoleon to fool the unintelligent animals that are easily being misleaded.As Napoleon’s power is unrestricted, he goes further and further with his power abusing it as far as alternating the entire commandment’s all animals lived by.

    It shows that the attraction for power had already seeped into Napoleons mind after the revolution. Persuasion was what brought most of the animals in the farm in trusting Napoleon with their life that brang them to the end of equality of the animals in the farm. Squealer was one responsible for this outcome. Squealer used inducement to motivate the animals to never stop working and that in the end it will be beneficial for all of them.

    Propaganda was to seal any thought of the pigs being corrupt, the animals brainwashed in thinking that Napoleon was right and to constantly change Napoleon’s title and contribution to the battles. Since most of the animals in the farm either has short memory or are unintelligent, Squealer uses manipulation to take advantage of this, changing past outcomes or commandments to see fit for Napoleon. Due to the fact that Napoleon provides Squealer the power he needs in order to change the view of the animals, Squealer is slowly corrupted as he seeks more. Throughout the entire novel, Corruption and Power was a key concept in it.

    Different characters had their own different way of using power. Old Major, the former leader of Manor Farm, used his power for the greater good for the farm instead of using it for only himself; such as Napoleon who uses force to get what he wants. Squealer was the eyes and ears for Napoleon, without him; Napoleon couldn’t persuade everyone on his own therefore Manipulation had to be used by Squealer to change the animal’s thoughts. This concludes that power does not entirely corrupt those why hold it.

    But only those who seek it for themselves as there are attracted to the thought of immense unrestricted power.

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