Frees: The Setting of Animal Farm Animal Far Analysis

mThe Setting of Animal Farm Animal Farm, a novel by George Orwell, was a story of courage and corrupt government. It was set on a farm in England. This setting is very important to the story itself and the characters in it. It made the plot a lot more interesting and influenced all the characters. This novel was about an angry community of common animals who revolted against not only their owner, but all humans. They form a government where the most intelligent pigs are in control.

There are several rules made to keep their revolt strong. For example, none of the animals were allowed to go into the house or sleep on the beds. When the pigs start to bend these rules the entire government becomes corrupt and unfair. This leads to a very good plot about the common animals fight for equality. The physical setting of a farm is ideal for this story.

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It is a good place for Old Majors vision and has necessary isolation from the world for the development of this society. This makes life easier in the since that it is away from the modern world typical of the Twentieth Century. If this novel was set anywhere other than a farm, the characters would be irrelevant and the story it self would have no meaning. The story would also be hard to understand and follow. Without the rural setting of this farm, Napoleon would not have been able get the power he so desperately wanted through this revolt.

The revolt would not have occurred if this novel had been set in an urban area or city, which in result would stop Napoleon from leading this group of confused animals and gaining his overwhelming power over them. Napoleon was only happy looking over and down at the less intelligent animals. If he was some how forced to be on the same level as the other animals, who knows what would have come of him. The setting also increased my knowledge about what a government could do if it abused its power. Napoleon set up a government similar to the government ruled by Napoleon Bonapart in the late 1700s, this story was helpful to me in understanding Napoleon Bonaparts corrupt and aggressive ways.

I am now very aware of how lucky I am to be governed in such a country as The United States of America. In conclusion the novel, Animal Farm written by George Orwell, was a very well written personified metaphor for rulings of years passed. The setting was very important to the story itself and the characters in it. Although the characters in this book were not human, I believe that this story is a good lesson in what man can bring upon himself with a little encouragement from a very mischievous part of life- power.

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