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Animal Farm by George Orwell is a novel set on a farm in England, where a group of common animals revolt against their owner and form a government led by intelligent pigs. The physical setting of the farm is crucial to the development of the story, as it provides necessary isolation and allows for the formation of a new society. The rural setting also allows for the characters to be relevant and the story to have meaning. Without the farm setting, Napoleon would not have been able to gain power over the animals and the story would have been hard to understand. The novel serves as a lesson in the abuse of power and is a metaphor for historical rulers.

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The setting of Animal Farm, a novel written by George Orwell, is an English farm. This specific location plays a crucial role in the progression of the story and significantly impacts the characters. It generates intrigue within the narrative and molds the actions of all those involved. The novel depicts a group of ordinary animals who revolt against their owner and mankind as a collective, establishing a governing entity led by the most intelligent pigs.

There are various regulations implemented to maintain the strength of their rebellion. An instance of this is that no animals were permitted to enter the house or sleep on the beds. As soon as the pigs begin to violate these rules, the entire government becomes corrupt and unjust. This results in a compelling narrative depicting the struggle of ordinary animals for equality. The physical setting of a farm is perfectly suited for this story.

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It is an ideal location for Old Major’s vision and provides the necessary seclusion for the society’s growth. The absence of the modern world commonly found in the Twentieth Century makes life simpler. If the novel took place in a different setting, the characters would be insignificant and the story would lack significance. Additionally, comprehending and tracking the narrative would be challenging. The rebellion that allowed Napoleon to attain his coveted power would not have been possible without the rural atmosphere of this farm.

If the novel had taken place in an urban or city setting, it is unlikely that the uprising would have occurred. This would have prevented Napoleon from manipulating and taking control of the confused animals. Napoleon derived joy from lording over those less intelligent than him, and it remains unclear what his fate would have been if he were forced to be on equal footing with others. The setting also deepened my comprehension of the potential repercussions of governmental abuse of power. By establishing a government resembling that of Napoleon Bonaparte in the late 1700s, Napoleon’s actions in this story elucidated for me the corrupt and aggressive nature associated with Napoleon Bonaparte.

I have developed a strong gratitude for residing in a country like The United States of America. In conclusion, George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, successfully utilizes personification as a metaphor for past governance. The narrative heavily depends on its environment and the growth of its characters. Although the characters are not human, I view this book as an educational warning about the outcomes of unhindered authority that can be easily swayed by life’s mischievous elements.

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