Hazing and Anti Hazing Law Research Paper

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The papers discuss the laws against hazing and the possible punishments for those who engage in such activities, which involve humiliating and degrading neophytes through menial and foolish tasks. Hazing is only allowed in military organizations, while school organizations such as fraternities and sororities that prohibit physical force are not allowed to engage in hazing. The author believes that hazing is unnecessary and harmful, and that it only serves to make hazers feel powerful and in control. Hazing can hinder academic achievements, destroy self-esteem, and cause emotional and physical pain. To stop hazing, we must break the tradition and educate members responsible for hazing, report hazing activities to the government, and help students become moral citizens who can help eliminate the negative effects of hazing in society.

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The given papers sing the anti-hazing jurisprudence provides the possible punishments for the apt induction rites or pattern which intent is to abash and mortify the neophyte coercing him/her to menial. silly and foolish undertakings and activities. Hazing. is merely allowed for the Military nines or organisations such as Armed forces of the Philippines. Philippine national Police. Philippine Military Academy or any signifier of ground forces preparation in the Philippines that was approved by the bureau caput and hazing is non allowed for school organisations such as fraternities or sororities that prohibits physical force. In my sentiment. Hazing is the most appropriate requirement that had of all time existed because it doesnt merely convey a benefit for the applicants/ neophytes and it merely creates hazards of hurts. uncomfortableness. embarrassment. torment. ridicule. forced ingestion of intoxicant. puting the person into danger and even decease and such negative effects. The chief ground why Hazers do hazing is that they need to experience powerful and in control yet hazing motivates no 1 ; it even hinders academic accomplishments. destruct self-esteem and causes emotional and physical strivings. It doesn’t have a intent ; it has nil to make with trust or regard.

Hazing was non even related to Greek missive organisations or sports. It is merely a foolish organisation that are continued by foolish hazers traditionally as it turns to go epidemic and pestilence on campuses. Those members who are being hazed are more likely to haze others in the hereafter and would go on yet it should non be tolerated. The lone manner to halt Hazing is to simple BREAK THE TRADITION and educate members who are responsible for Hazing to travel on with their lives and concentrate more on faculty members. make people aware what hazing is and what punishments are and seek aid from the authorities and aid pupils develop to go moral citizens that will assist free our society of the negative effects of hazing. To battle hazing. we should seek aid and describe such hazing activities to the Government.

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