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Anti-Cybercrime Law Sample

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It aims to turn to legal issues refering on-line interactions and the Internet in the Philippines. Among the cybercrime offenses included in the measure are cybersquatting. cybersex. kid erotica. individuality larceny. illegal entree to informations and libel. While hailed for punishing illegal Acts of the Apostless done via the cyberspace that were non covered by old Torahs. the act has been criticized for its proviso on criminalizing libel. which is perceived to be a curtailment in freedom of look. In my point of position.

it is good that the authorities is concerned to the public assistance of the Filipino citizens refering to the negative and harmful effects of the internet. I guess that through this cybercrime jurisprudence. many guiltless kids can be protected from erotica and false beliefs that they can acquire from the cyberspace. I think that these are the advantages of the cybercrime jurisprudence ; this jurisprudence protects people that are being hurt through the internet and under the anti-cybercrime bar act 2012 of the Philippines in which internet libel.

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Anti-Cybercrime Law Sample
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cybersex. computing machine related fraud. computing machine related individuality larceny and illegal entree to a computing machine system or hacking is considered as a offense.

The Cybercrime Law of the Philippines is more of a benefit to many Filipino citizens. its purposes to the Filipino populace is really positive. This jurisprudence serves to protect and take attention of many Filipino Citizens in the internet and besides many Filipino would go more responsible and disciplined in utilizing many cyberspace sites. They are besides many bad reactions coming from some people that the cybercrime jurisprudence is impeding the freedom of look. which I think is untrue. The jurisprudence is non impeding our freedom of look. it is merely doing us cognizant that there are some things we say in the cyberspace that could ache many people so we should avoid it and every citizen should be sensitive to the feelings of others and be more subject. Through the aid of the Cybercrime Law. many people who uses the societal networking sites to destroy the repute of some people or the cyberbullying would be punish because of this jurisprudence. We are cognizant cyberbullying is going more apparent in the past few months that’s why this jurisprudence was besides passed. Through the cybercrime jurisprudence. many people would cognize their restrictions in utilizing the cyberspace. So. I agree that the authorities already passed this jurisprudence. The Filipino citizens will go more responsible with their Acts of the Apostless and I think that this jurisprudence is besides pro- kids because this jurisprudence will forestall harlotry and erotica that could harm and damage the life of many kids. adolescents and citizens.

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