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Antigone Reaction Assignment

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Screen’s belief than an individual’s true nature can only truly be assessed when that individual is placed in a position of leadership. When someone is put into an important role like that in any society, he either fails or succeeds while doing the job. When one does not meet the expectations of his citizens, he is destined to disappoint them and not receive another term in that role of leadership. If the job was done correctly and the atmosphere was kept intact, the people of that nation would praise his work.

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Antigone Reaction Assignment
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The feeling of being loved by everyone in his country makes one believe he is a necessity to his people which also changes his mind set into becoming a permanent leader. With so much power given to one person, that person begins to reveal his inner character, sometimes it is not well-liked by the people who he is governing. The inner character that is seen by others is the determined personality that the leader has when doing his job.

The leader may also show arrogance because he ants more money and be the most powerful person in the world who does not want to give up his position.

For instance, Testicles got caught up in the moment when he was given the role of being a leader when he was really suppose to share the power with his brother Policies after his time was up. The discrepancy between the two led to them killing each other, all because of Testicles power-hungry attitude which was not noticeable at first. The idea that the true character of an individual cannot be judged until that individual is laced in a position of power is illustrated in modern day society in government.

Barack Obama was never expected to do such a pleasing job as president of the United States. Most Americans believed it would be impossible for the U. S. To dig itself out of the economic debt they were in because of George Bush. Slowly but surely, Obama helped the American economy get out of its slump and work its way back to the top of the world. Once one gets a hold of power and is successful doing his job, he either gets hungry for more power or continues to do what he does.

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