Sophocles: “Antigone”- The differences between Creon and Antigone Sample

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Throughout the drama. the difference between Creon and Antigone is vividly shown. By the terminal of the drama. Antigone. it is apparent that a sum of five characters have lost their lives. This is due to the characters’ failure to take where their trueness and duty should stand. therefore making struggle. The chief character of the drama. Antigone. is forced to take a determination between staying by the jurisprudence. and demoing duty to her household. King Creon is besides forced to do a determination between his moral duty and his household duty. but his actions create a series of tragic occurrences.

Moral duty is an duty originating out of considerations of right and incorrect. With this in head. one could state that Creon. Antigone’s uncle every bit good as the male monarch of Thebes. chooses to move with moral duty. His determination to prohibit the entombment of his nephew Polyneices was to turn out that he would non let a treasonist to be honored by being given a proper entombment. His niece. Antigone. refuses to digest his order. and buries her brother. Creon’s nephew. anyhow. so she is sentenced to decease. Not even his ain boy was unable to rock his determination. Creon was a adult male of the jurisprudence. and since he was king. he was non about to flex his regulations in fright that he may lose control of his people. His actions show a disregard of his household and a failure to float from the duty that his occupation impresses upon him.

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On the contrary. Antigone demonstrates household duty. Family duty is an duty originating out of consideration of 1s household. Antigone shows consideration for her household with whatever she does. When Antigone foremost hears of the edict Creon has imposed. saying that no 1 is to bury the organic structure of Polyneices. she instantly knows this is incorrect. and goes directly to her sister for aid. She believes everyone in her household should be honored. even her sister who would non assist her with the entombment. It is obvious that she feels a strong duty to her brother. and she makes certain he is given what he deserves. When Antigone was caught trying to re-bury her brother’s organic structure. she is non afraid. nor does she deny her actions to Creon. when he urgently was seeking to happen a manner to allow her off. Antigone’s noncompliance to her uncle Creon is non made in order to withstand the jurisprudence. but is made in regard of her household and her spiritual beliefs.

Indeed. these two opposing positions of trueness and duty are what cause much of the struggle in the drama. While reading the drama. the possible jobs that can happen when household is ignored due to the duties of a occupation is clearly illustrated. Creon’s bad luck of losing his two nephews. a niece. his boy. and his married woman in such a short clip lead him to alter his precedences. but proves to be excessively late to salvage anyone. If Creon had had firm devotedness in his household. the destiny of himself. and his household could hold been different. Antigone may hold defied the jurisprudence. but she was edge to her positions on what was morally right. Her motive throughout the whole drama was love for her household. and regard for the Gods.

In decision. the characters Antigone and Creon are highly different. and that is shown by where their values shack. By the terminal of the drama. Creon is besieged by heartache and sees the liability in his actions. which farther illustrates Creon’s failing in comparing to the strength of Antigone. In add-on. 1s household duty should. at times. be considered before 1s moral duty. being unable to take between the two creates much struggle. Antigone may hold died. but her decease was to be remembered with self-respect and with her beliefs unbroken because of her determination to back up her household. Creon’s duty to following the jurisprudence causes him to populate on with the guilt that went along with his infidelity to his household. Last. it is peoples’ determinations that control their destiny. and their actions that make life move on.

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