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Applied definition on a Racist

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Derrick Martin: A racist

Derrick Martin is pious, sympathetic and very Christian aristocrat from Staten Island. He is married with two children. A boy and a girl of seven and four years respectively. His wife Maria Mendez also enjoyed the respect of the neighbors and friends as being a homely sweet heart and an epitome of charity. Derrick’s involvement with the charitable organizations and work made most people believe that he considered every human being to be equal human person.

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Applied definition on a Racist
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Most people, in fact, never recognized the real Derrick. The real Derrick is a racist.

       What actually is a racist by all means? First of all, racists think that all men are not equals considering their ethnicity. They have convictions to believe that the colored people and the inferior race are under dogs. They know the very reason to find the inferior races less privileged on the earth that is because those creatures are not worth any more than being under privileged.

Secondly, they are also very sure that the people of inferior race can never be as intelligent as the efficient and brave whites. Most racist think that the blacks and the colored will never be a mach for them physically or mentally. Moreover most racist believe that the other race is the cause of evil in the lovely society where racist himself belonged. Finally every racist has the idea that the other races which are inferior races must live and work at the beck and call of the superior beings. A racist think that the men from the other races are to be given the hardest and dirtiest labor for their lively hood. They can bet that the women from any of those inferior races were created only to be used by any men from the superior race as he pleased.

When the definition of a racist is clear to one, one can just conveniently attribute this definition to Derrick Martin. First and foremost, Derrick, as good as any other racist, thinks that men from the other races are not equal to him, rather they are inferior to him. He is convinced that

those are to be treated like creatures created to serve the community where derrick belongs to. He, for example, can never stand the sight of a person of his own ethnicity serving as a street vender while a black well to do gentle man is being served, Thus he has, once,  strongly raised the voice for a decision from the authorities about the colored people going to the white’s barber shops. He really is proud of the readership he enjoyed for the article he had written at that serious irregularity. And it was very recently that Derrick choked the pastor’s throat at the parish council meeting pointing out the unproductive eventualities of having colored people in the parish working committee. People listened him was awestruck that they even forgot to clap their hands.

Derrick also thinks that even god has put them to be under privileged and that is why mostly these inferior races are found in poor wretched third world countries. In support of his concept of God’s just behavior hi is first to donate his old ragged cloths to the relief of the poor creatures on the other side of the world. Somehow, he always finds time and patients to go around and find the colored men for the cleaning and maintenance of his farm, just to help the poor creatures to have on morsel of food from the crumbs he throws.

 Secondly, Derrick is racist by the very fact that he thinks the people of other race can never be as intelligent as him or anyone of his ethnicity for that matter. Derrick just could not understand how on earth a black or colored can be as efficient and dignified a computer expert as he is. At the job, for example, Derrick has objected; in the beginning of the current project itself, recruiting African or Asian co-workers in his fruitful team of intelligent experts. And he succeeded to a great extent because he belonged to a superior race anyway. Recently he had taken initiative to fix a problem for the company by asking an African American trainee to leave the firm on the basis that the trainee had made a very innovative

decision, if back fired would have been a small loss to the company. He could not help wondering how such an unintelligent boy was appointed a trainee by the company.

   Derrick firmly believes that those other races are the only cause of crime in the society in which he lives. To make this clear he has a collection of paper clippings, he collected as a hobby, with the photos and news of cold blooded crimes committed by blacks and other people of deferent ethnicity. Derrick has always made it sure that his son and daughter studied in well reputed white school and he changed their school whenever a black teacher was appointed in their school, just be on the safer side.

 Derrick has the third quality we have seen in a racist that is he thinks the inferior races should always be obedient and obliged fright fully to the superior race. He strongly believes that they are just there to do the hard and dirty manual labor which, obviously the superior people do not want to do. He therefore always assigns his black deputies to prepare the conference room or bring the bundles and cartons up and down while his white deputies busy ideating on the future. He, few days back, did not think twice to man handle a black co-worker who just foolishly dared to ask him questions. Derrick was even meditating on complaining to the authorities about the misbehavior of the colleague and decided other wise just to have him treated later on his own.

In addition, Derrick thinks that the men from the superior race have every right to use the women from the inferior race as long as the men of superiority enjoy it. For instance, he has used his pen to very good effect against the jury which found Angelo Dino, who has raped a black girl, guilty. He expressed his dejection towards the illogical act of the members of the jury. He could never really cop with the laws that make the superior beings feel guilty of the pleasure the deserve by the virtue of their race. From those significant readings he has done on the British colonializasion of India and Africa he could easily prove that it was unnatural for a black or colored girl to protest when a man of his race is having sex with her. She must be tried for the disobedience.

It is clear that Derrick martin is a racist. He thinks that all ethnic groups are not equals arguing that the colored people are inferior and less privileged. He thinks that Inferior people can never be intelligent or efficient stating that they are unable to math the superior races mentally or physically and highlighting their involvement in crimes. Finally, Derrick thinks that the other races must live always subjected to the superior race by doing the low class jobs and by letting the inferior women themselves to be used by the superior people.

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